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Aquarion EVOL

Aquarion Evol, the sequel to the quite popular Sousei no Aquarion is a completely bizarre show that i felt quite weird to watch as it was so much different form the original show.

The Story this time takes place 12.000 years after the previous series, this makes it 24.000 years since Apollonius had hes battle against the humans. Since the last battle the world is now full of humans in citys instead of a wasteland.,In this day and age the Aquarion is known about and is copied so that they can have several machines to fight against evil with, the only thing now is that union between boys and girls are considered unholy. Boys and girls who are chosen pilots can not be together in the same machine, much less have relationships. To prevent this the Aquarion HQ this time is a school with a huge wall that separates them from each other to prevent any kind of “contamination” to occur.,Just like the original series you get to se the mental bonding and development between 3 individuals in each fight as they need to work together in order to fight the enemy ahead of them. However, as i said earlier,union between boys and girls are considered unholy so the Aquarions special,seals to prevent that from happening, these seals are called,,chastity stones making you want to facepalm yourself so hard your head splits in two.

I do not want to spoil to much of the story for anyone that has not seen the series yet as it ties together with the original even if it do so in a weird way. We have the “normal” world where the humans live and everything is good, then we have “another” world full of men where there is a plague raging that makes every woman on their planet die, in order to prevent their world dying out the people from the “other” world travel to the “normal” world trough a space gate to capture their human women to “harvest” them, so you can se what they imply here.

The characters are a very important part in Aquarion as the bond between each one of them is formed and developed upon as there are some complicated love triangles as conflict to the story. You get the usual boy likes girl but another boy loves girl but cant decide what to do with hes feelings. There is not only love storys between girls and boys but we get to se a,mutual respect story about a boy who loves another boy to make,the characters more likeable and endearing. The character designs is really good as every character have their own thing and personality going good for them. The main character who is named Amata levitates when he gets excited. then we have Mikono, a shy and unconfident girl that is the only one without any kind of ability. Other members of the cast are quickly introduced as Andy W. Hol, an energetic guy who can use hes power to dig holes and is in love with them.

I do not know how to explain how much fan service there is in this evol but i will try with an example. In one of the episodes the characters with notice that if they do now have their suits on that they normally have when piloting the aquarions they can feel incoming attacks much better the more their skin exposed which result in them tearing clothes off during a fight, much to the delight of viewers on both sides of the screen.

But let’s try to see past all that as what you get is a really fun and bizarre and cheesy series that will most likely give you very much entertainment value. The mecha battles looks really good and there are the great union CGI scenes that we had from the original series but much better this time around, the only sad thing about them is that the same scenes are used over and over and over again during the unions. Even the music is really good, we have some classic tunes playing in the background like “Yoko Kanno – Genesis of Aquarion” which sets the mode when it is needed for a uplifting emotion. Even if the plot is a bit random it will build up for a good show.

overall, This was a good sequel even if the plot was weird you still got some fast paced action and humor from the characters, the animation was also good and the soundtrack was impressive even if it had some of the original song in there, I recommend you take a look at it.

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