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Bakemonogatari is not perfect, but is one of the better. It has exquisite writing talent, skilled voice acting performances, and strong, well crafted characters with great development. It takes a lot of the old tropes and methods recreates them to their full potential. While too enmeshed within the counterculture to have widespread appeal outside of the fandom, it is still a great series and is an example of how good anime can be made. The industry ain’t dead yet. If i could find one word to sum up this show i would choose “perplexing”. Not only where is perplexed at the shows direction and brilliant dialogue.

Im going to tell you a little bit about the story, you have Senjogahara Hitagi, she is he the heroine of the show, she is one of most memorable characters in this anime and she is also very unique. The bonding that will go on between her and Araragi(the shows protagonist) is very nice to watch, you could say that the show is theirs. You could say that Bakemonogatari is a love story with Senjogahara and Araragi as it’s main focus. In their story you will not se any dramatic confessions or poorly made Valentine’s Day chocolate. The most intressting part is that Much is left unsaid, this make the relationship between the two so much more compelling and realistic.

In Bakemonogatari, we have the love story of two flawed and incomplete people, with all the baggage, miscommunication, and mistakes than come with it, and these flaws are what makes it believable and all the more powerful. And I spend so much time expounding on the romance, since in it’s core, Bakemonogatari is a love story. The monsters and the aberrations in the foreground only exists to give a frame to the romance in core of the story. Think about it, four of the five story arcs all involve Senjougahara at the core. The Crab is entirely about her, of course the Snail spends more time building her and Araragi’s relationship than on the aberration itself and the Monkey and the Cat are both about love triangles involving her. And while we are on the topic, I must mention how smoothly the story arcs flow together. The progressions between arcs are simple and well designed, and there is hardly an interruptions or inconsistencies as the story transitions, as well as not a single iota of filler. And the comedy is fantastically funny – a Gaijin 4-koma joke, breaking the fourth wall with a hilarious voice acting brag, and the running joke about the radio call in show in the fourteenth episode, not to mention Hachikuji’s ‘stuttering’ – these jokes alone would put Bakemonogatari within the ninetieth percentile of comedic anime. And the comedy is only a part of the show’s overall greatness. It terms of writing, Bakemonogatari can be viewed in the same light as such Western masters like Neil Gaiman and Dan Simmons, with the same mastery of dark humor and bloody violence.

The show is split up in five story arcs wich will explore a specific area of Hitagis and Araragis relationship like confession, contact, infidelity jealousy, injury. Superficially. To you Bakemonogatari will seem like it has five different stories wich involve supernatural phenomena. however, beneath the surface, Hitagi and ArAraragis relationship always plays a role throughout all of the five story arcs and will in the end link the five unrelated stories together. Even when Hitagi is not on screen, you will feel her influence and presence upon Araragi. Their relationship is marked by an unbreakable bond of trust, wich will go through several trials and tribulations. Hitagi begins the show Bitter and cold, harboring murderous inteent towards Araragi. Through the course of the story you are going to notice the change in her personality as she develope confidence in Araragi.

Despite how easy it sounds, voice acting is like any other profession; People with substantial skill turn out substantially better performances. And Bakemonogatari is stacked. Shaft has kept a number of their standard actors, and again they go on to display chemistry and talent. The ever solid Kamiya Hiroshi gives a great performance as the male lead, Araragi, again pairing him against Saito Chiwa, one of the best actress out there and a personal favorite. When a lot of voice actress get by on simply repeated the same voice over and over again. Ms Saito has some of the best vocal ranges out there. The famous Hirano Aya gives voice to the chibi vampire Shinobu. The voice actor of Kagami from Lucky Star, Katou Emiri, does a remarkable performance as the foul-mouthed, violent ghost Hachikuji, and the always talented Horie Yui turns in another stellar performance as Hanekawa. Ms Horie is rather unappreciated, in my book. She is a great singer and she has yet to give a poor performance, but she doesn’t seem to command the respect some of the more popular actress get. But if she keeps this up, I think that will change.

I find Bakemonogatari to be a true masterpiece, it had very much experimental production wich in the end worked very well and Attention was paid to the every detail, with a story that will very well-told all the way through the series. Wonderful direction by Shinbou Akiyuki will leave us with many great scenes to remember, and this serier you will definitely remember.

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