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Bakuretsu Tenshi

I found Bakuretsu Tenshi really interesting because you kind of get all the types of women in these four main characters. Jo is the silent but deadly one that seems distant and lonely, Sei is the mother hen of the group that always knows best, Amy is the energetic type that is bubbly and brainy, Meg is the helpless damsel in distress type always getting caught or taken hostage. Now I know there are more types than this, but those are my favorite types. Not to mention the standard mercenary outfits of tight, skimpy and revealing outfits that all mercenaries must wear are always something to keep you watching just incase something slips.

It is however clear that the visuals are what’s most important, and the story is by no means original. Bits and pieces have been taken from here and there then put into a huge pile, shuffled a bit and then presented a bit differently than in earlier animes. The show is very episodical, well the different jobs seem to typically fill out 2 episodes. I expected more from this anime. Maybe if they cut the show down to 13 eps and left out the fillers everything could have gotten much more interesting. From the very start start to finish is just all action with hot girls pointing guns around. But hey, i liked that so dont get me wrong, i still enjoyed the show.

The animation is well done with a lot of detail put into a lot of the scenes. All of the characters are interesting fun to watch, the only thing that rubbed me a little bit on the wrong side was the fact that there are some scenes where fighting forces can  exchange full automatic fire for a good 5 seconds of just flashing between both sides firing without anyone getting hit. I am not sure if in the future people have become a lot more inaccurate. It would all make sense if they did, but they need to tell us so we do not get confused like in an Arnold Schwarzenegger flick.

The music for Bakuretsu Tenshi is really great. The opening song has rap and jazz wich i like quite much. The sound during the the action scenes are very good. The mechs, the gunfire and the explotions all come with great music.

The voice actors/actresses surely make an above average contribution, and I especially liked Amy. She did sound a bit older than her supposed age, and I can’t talk japanese so I’m no expert, but she had some foreign maybe chinese dialect, this sounded very kawaii.

Overall, if you want to se some nice CG animations, cute girls with booties, lots of action and the usual slap in the face in the end is all a part of this modern fanboy anime, this is for you. If you look for something with a deeper meaning and a thick ever-developing plot, go elsewhere.

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