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Black Blood Brothers

The  impression is that this series could go either way. It has potential to be a really good show, or it could just be very mediocre depending on how it where to develope as it goes on. Black Blood Brothers first episode start of quite weak with some very odd plot that makes you question if it wort to watch, but from there and on it will improve as it goes along and soon start to play with it odd sense of humor.

There is apparently a law in animated vampire stories that there need to be a male vampire as the lead character and that he also must have a female sidekick of sorts. In Black Blood Brothers that role if filled by Mimiko the Compromiser who looks like she is more then just your everyday drone. She quickly shows that she can stand up for herself and that she wont be a drone when interacting with jiro. It is from here the series start to shift up a gear Kotari is the series little cure kid vampire wich hold the source of comedy relief in in the series.

I had a hard time to find anyting to talk about involving the story. The setting for the serial had some real potential but it was pretty much unused since there is little to none explenation.  The war involving the humans and the vampires are nothing new, they just trew in a different kind of vampire where some was contagious and some not. If the show had just give one or maybe two episode of coherent dept about the war and try to explain it everyting would be so much better when you get a little backstory. Since i just saw this now the manga has been completed and i dont se why they would try to make someting a little longer, i bet the manga could fit into atleast 25 episodes or so.

I did like Jiro, other then him there was just Cassa because she is jiro’s last love the villain Cassa and Jiro’s past lover Alice. Unfortunately, Alice gets like two minutes of combined screen-time through the whole show and Cassa is never given a chance to expose her personality, since she only comes in action at the last episodes, being ghost from main character’s memories for the longest of time. I got the idea what she was trying to do in the very end, but I was never told why, heck, I don’t even know why does she do anything. I liked her only because she seems to fall into the cool archetype of laid-back villains who cause carnage for fun. Alice on the other hand seems to belong to the innocent and pure yet wise character archetype.

The background music wich has been composed by Sahashi Toshihiko who also made the music for Gundam Seed and  Hunter x Hunter comes in form of a mixed bag. If you have watched the mentioned series you know that Sahashi is used to compose music that follows a show, with this hes did not have to much to work with.  There are several nice track in here and if they made the music into the main part of the show i could possibly enjoy it. obviously the show is unfinished, and there might come someting new later, but after 5 years with nothing i would not hold my thumbs.

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