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Black Lagoon

Right from the start I had a pretty good impression of this anime. The action began from almost the very beginning thus was very suspenseful. The whole thing begins with your typical Japanese business man Okajima Rokuro who led a boring average life. Then suddenly on his business trip to deliver some company information the ship he is on is taken over by modern sea pirates and thus the story begins. Basically the whole thing is done with short stories. Every few episodes or even single episodes there is a new story/job they have to attend to. The basic flow of things is the black lagoon company gets a job from someone to deliver something and then they do it.

Forget the over the top violence for a moment and talk about what it is that makes that makes Black lagoon so epic. I belive it is because there is none to little distinction made between the moral question of what is right and wrong. It will insteed show you the events from the characters point of view and how they would justify their own actions. That is hte only perspective in trying to which dark is blacker than the other. Every single character that you will se in Black Lagoon will act not simply for logical reasons, insteed they will act because it gives them a meaning in life. The main theme that you will se in Black Lagoon is that values are subjective and can be changed to suite your own needs.

Since the show revolved around each missions, there weren’t much of plot. Only driving force of the show was its theme and character development. Black Lagoon focused on the theme of “the grass is always greener on other side.” Because of greedy human nature, humans always want to experience both sides: the boring and monotonous but safe/normal path and the exciting and adventurous but dangerous/evil path. One can’t idle in between the two and expect to solve everyone’s problems with one’s idealistic views. The life isn’t fair and must deal with each situation realistically. Some people wants to live in other way of life that they never experienced before, but can’t since that’s the only life they know. Also there’s a theme of judging the degree of good and evil. Depends on each person, what is good and what is evil varies on their experience.

The characters is what really makes the show into such a smash hit. If you are looking for someting meaningful and deep in them you will not find it, but the lack of that they make up with by utter style. Revy & Rock’s dynamics are just great as Revy is shown as being the badass gunfighter while Rock is totaly opposite from that. The rest of the crew aboard Black Lagoon also makes quite many entertaining conversations and fights.

Black Lagoon is a visual masterpiece. Everything in this anime is full of class, style and a dark mood to it all that’s simply outstanding. So if you are seeking a series with a lot of action you should absolutly watch Black Lagoon.

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