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Blassreiter, a show that was a real rollercoaster experience for me. Usually you would use that expression for a drama that has its happy and sad times, but in this case it was the show’s quality making jumps and loops that a jojo-champ couldn’t beat. (Ok bad joke)
One is also by default a little skeptic when you see GONZO as the producers, perhaps that does influence your initial judgment a little bit. By all means they also made their share of good anime, but it’s very hit/miss.

Basically, Blassreiter is created by using a “stories inside a story” model, and the character-related inside stories leave more impression than the main story – they’re very tragic and sometimes shocking. The main story, while not being exceptional, is still pretty solid, and gradually improving after a relatively weak, slow and confusing start. There’s also some unexpected plot twists in the main story, and the ending, while it may seem a bit forced, is probably the only possible ending for this show.

Another strong point of Blassreiter. The authors did a right thing when they decided to not focus on a single character, thus making an impression that every character has the same value for the show, when no one stands out. The characters aren’t developed too much – but they’re realistic, easy to sympathize with, and all of them, even the minor and episodic characters, serve some purpose and have their own place in the story. They’re all likeable – both heroes and villains.

The biggest topic here is, did GONZO go over the line? Did they put in ridiculous amounts of bad CG, enough to make people stop watching at ep. 1? The answer is a little mixed, but overall they could and SHOULD have done much, much better. It looks like something made back in the 90′s.

However the anime also has it’s bright sides wich is the sound and music. One word, spectacular. I always pay a lot of attention to the soundtrack, and I must say that the Blassreiter soundtrack is one of the best anime soundtracks i have heard in a long time. There’s music of almost any genre – orchestral pieces, chamber music, strings duets, saxophone and acoustic guitar solos, Rachmaninoff-like piano pieces, upbeat rock tunes and even some techno, jazz and ambient – Hibino Norihiko and his GEM Impact team did an excellent job, with almost every single track being a little masterpiece. And what’s most important, the music perfectly fits the atmosphere of the show. Not a single theme feels out of place. Overall, the soundtrack is worthy of getting and listening even if you didn’t like the show itself.

Maybe it’s not a show for everyone, but I can recommend it to people who like tragedies and value the overall atmosphere and emotions an anime could deliver more than any technical aspects (like animation, graphics, etc.).

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