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The story of blood+ starts with a roller-coaster, slows down, and then gets really dark and sad. The first part doesn’t need much explaining: just check the first episodes and you’re in. The problem is that the story starts to slow down after a while, and by half-time, you still don’t really know what’s going on. Most people would start to get annoyed at that point, and I’m no exception. It’s mostly because there seems to be too many small story arcs that won’t connect with each other fast enough. In other words, you don’t know why the main crew is doing what it’s doing, so it gets sort of boring. For me, the turning point was with the appearance of the Sif, because that’s when you start having a larger picture of the storyline. By episode 30, the story really starts picking up again, and it gets darker as it goes. I’ll have to say that what shines the most about Blood+ are the emotional moments of the show, because the emotions are so intense, and at the same time, so well-portrayed, that the audience really does feel something when watching the show.

For me, the high point of Blood+ was its characters. The majority of the characters go through quite a lot of chaneg and development over the 2 or so years that the series takes place over. Saya the main heroine must find her strength and confront and understand her past, as well as understanding her family. Her brother Kai also oes through fantastic development, maybe the most out of anyone as he struggles to find his own strength and purpose and how to take care of his brother and sister. While Saya, Kai and their other brother Riku may not be true blood relatives, their role as a true family is cemented many times, it is overall a very touching story about their family.

The animation is above average, and the show sports quite a few well-done action scenes. There seems to be criticism that Blood+ goes downhill as the anime progresses, because there are less and less action scenes, but I actually find the later scenes more enjoyable, especially those involving the Sif. Besides the action scenes, I also found that the show was very good in terms of portraying the sentiments and emotions of the characters. Blood+ does not fail when trying to portray its emotional moments.

The music in Blood+ is really good. Unlike almost any other anime, the music producers for Blood+ actually went to Hans Zimmer and Mark Mancina, 2 composers normally associated with hollywood movies, to produce the music. Mancina as the composer and Zimmer as the producer. The quality is very high and obviously reminiscent of many hollywood productions. However the amount of music for a 50 episode series is not that large so there is a lot of repetition, most likely due to the expensive nature of hiring these particular two. But what is there is used to full effect in supporting the animation and is wonerful.

The Opening and Ending songs are all good, and worth listening to. But for me the highlight was the 1st ending “Kataritsugu koto” by Chitose Hajime, which was just beautiful. One of the best EDs I’d heard recently. No complaints with the Voice Acting either, mostly established names so you know what to expect from their performances. Akiko Yajima is as lovely as always. Most of the other characters are also well expanded upon and developped interstingly. Some a bit more obvious others while some in a bit more ironic fashion. The series’ villains are also quite interesting and share great comple backstory and the shows main antagonist to Saya, Diva is also one of it’s more interesting thanks to her origin and history.

I enjoyed watching Blood+, because the intriguing story kept me going even through the slower parts. If you liked FMA and Fantastic Children, then you will definitely enjoy this one.

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