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Break Blade

I was looking around for a new series to watch when i stumbled upon broken blade, when i noticed it was composed of 6 movies, had a high rating and comments saying it was worth a look i started watching it.

What i can say is that Break blade will not bring you anything new story wise, if you watched Code Geass or Gundam you will most likely know what you will get from Break Blade. In short one could surmise it as two kingdoms, one that is the main characters home, and the other will be the kingdom of an old friend who the main character have not meet in a long time but will do so in battle because the friends kingdom wants to invade the main characters, Everything is very predictable from here on. However, everything that we can predict is played out on such a great quality of epic battles, great dramatic moments and a very unpredictable war at that. This is what makes Break Blade good, it creates good moments of tension for the viewer to keep watching, the only down part is that because of it being so short it fails to develope as much as it could do, if you do not read the Manga you will be left out with no information about the surroundings.

I can say that watching the mecha fight is really interesting as they always have fresh quality, they have a really fluent movement to them with a natural feeling to it. Watching the main characters mecha leap through the air is a visual thrill to the eye, it’s often the little things that make animation so fun to watch. As i said earlier Break Blade is very short even if it is composed of 6 movies. This causes a problem for the characters as they will never develope to anything beyond their standard types. the reluctant king, the young man forced into battle and a high ranking officer who going to die at some point. Development is forgotten when something of bigger importance appear. The friend story i spoke of above for example, he looks like a main character for the first two episodes and than it’s left out of the spotlight and almost completely forgotten from that moment. This is bad and can really annoy those who like character development, but this can only be noticed and annoy after the series has already ended.

As for the sound i found myself listening to the Opening song each and every movie because it is really good. The background music fits very well the series and is never lacking. Those looking for a consistent sound direction will find it here.

In the end i would say that those who like not only mecha, but war-themed animes as well will be pleased with this show for sure. If you expect romance, emotional problems, comedy, supernatural powers, or other things like that will be left empty-handed. I see many similarities with Gundam Seed and Code Geass, from the military use of the mecha to the feeling of powers beyond known technology, but it’s hard to compare those three. Give Break Blade a chance and it may catch you by surprise like it did to me.

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