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ChaoS;HEAd is in twelve episodes presenting a tale of delusions, paranoia and mind games, wich i liked and all, but what is it that would make this serier so enjouable? It is the bizzare amount of question and mystery that it is going to throw right into your face. In the first episode hardly anyting will make sense. However, there is a hughe backstory to everyting and it is quite a lot of fun to watch the mysteries unfold. The psychological horror side was quite well done and is the big draw to the series wich almost forces you to sit and watch it just to be able to find out what is going to happen next, and it will keep doing this until the very end. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Taku was an unreliable narrator because as we watched the events unfold we were never quite sure that if what we saw was what really happened or just a figment of Taku’s insanity. I did think the ending was a bit of let down but that might be more from not having any more mysteries then the actual ending.

There is however one problem with ChaoS;HEAd, and it lies with its characters. Just like a harem series more and more females will end up next to the main male character. My only consolation is that they all have valid reasons to do so and thus it wont feel out of place, with one exception being Rimi. As the show goes on, she will undergo a transformmation from the mysterious girl and insteed become annoying and stop to developed. Combine those two to get her new self wich is a underdeveloped villain, and indeed things become clear on whats up next. It basically ignores most of the building up of the rest of the series and goes with a very predictable and unrewarding conclusion that just doesn’t match the series.

Chaos;Head have pretty decent graphics and animations. and cool looking character design, and since the animation is created by Madhouse i am not at all suprised that they are great. While watching Chaos;Head, the graphics is going to give you this feeling of romance that should not be there in the first place.

And a note on the opening and ending, absolutely wonderful songs, and I mean really, match the series’ intents and mood perfectly. Although, at first, one’s eyebrow will reach for the sky when hearing Seira Kagami’s Super Special ending. And one’s eyebrows will have no ready made expression for the lyrics of the Itou Kanako’s  opening. Eyebrows aside from the initial stage, they are great songs.

So when it comes to confusing and mysterious series about visions and the altering reality, then this series is not really the best at it. but it’s a very fine attempt nonetheless.

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