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Chrno Crusade

When I heard of this anime I honestly didnt expect much from it storywise. Infact my first impression was that it might even be one of those ecchi comedies. Thankfully it quickly removes that impression with its witty characters and engaging storyline. Sister Rossette is a great character and keeps the anime engrossing over her wild antics. The comedy is good and so are the serious dramatic moments. The balance which is hard to achieve of this kind is done masterfully.

So, The setting for Chrono crusade takes place in America, during the roaring 1920′s. You know, the 20′s, with all those mafia gangsters like Al capone or John Dillinger,(Public Enemies now in theaters!) Hot jazz music, bootlegging booze and speakeasies, you know, those 1920′s! But, There’s a problem as usual.(This is anime after all) Apparently, there is a new threat looming, and the rich arisocrats and nobles are summoning demons from the very fires of hell. Why? Because they are bored! (Oh, those crazy rich folk, what will they do next, make crazy reality t.v shows?) So, to combat this new threat, A religous organization known as the magdalene order must combat this growing threat. (I will go into characters in the next section.) The story is not anything new or revolutionary, just good guys against demons with a few exploits here and there. Is it bad? No, ok actually. Is it a newberry award winner? Bloody hell no! The story is not anything new if you’ve seen those kind of shows, but it’s still very enjoyable nonetheless. The characters however…

They suck!? No, shut up and let me finish. The characters are actually the main reason why this show is so great! The show also balances out really well between comedy, romance, and tragedy, and there are very few shows that perform this feat very well. The main characters are a Nun that works for the order, Sister Rosette Christopher, and her partner, a demon named Chrono. Chrono may be a demon, but he fights on the good guys side. Rosette is a memorable character, thanks to her comedic antics yet her willingness to do good. There are many other memorable characters too, but just watch the show and you’ll see how great they are. They are the driving force of the show, and they are the main reason why this show is just great. Rosette and Chrono are also a very memorable duo, much like Batman and Robin, The lone ranger and Tonto, or Ben Stiller or Owen Wilson. (Ok, maybe not the last one.) If it wasnt for these great characters and their development, this would be just another boring shounen action show. Thankfully, its the opposite.

The music is pretty good I guess. Both the opening and ending songs are good and are nice ear candy. I like the ending song so much I never skip it like I usually do at the end of each episode. The actual music used in the show is kind of like a see-saw; some songs are good and fit really well, while the others sound pretty half-assed. The best parts of the soundtrack are probably used for the dark or emotional moments(both happy and sad) of the series, and are truly the best parts of it. Very outstanding. The other music in the soundtrack… well, errrrrrrgh, I dunno…. It doesn’t sound as good as the other parts of the soundtrack, but thankfully it doesn’t sound like a cat in a puree blender. (An example would be the soundtrack for the Prince of Tennis anime. no offense to the fans.)

In conclusion, I enjoyed watching Chrno Crusade and i bet i will rewatch it. I think it stands up well against some of the greatest demon animes, such as Hellsing or Shingetsutan Tsukihime.

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