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In Claymore the story is the journey of Claire the Claymore, a monster slaying hybrid. In her world exist demon-like monsters that feed on human guts and thus are on top of the food chain (if there’s a top in a chain . The demons can disguise themselves well and live among the humans. Only the Claymores have the ability and power to find and destroy them by using their indestructible sword to slay their heads off. Claymores aren’t born, they’re created out of a human. The demon genes give them great power and change their eyes to silver in normal state and golden when they power up. When they use too much of the monster’s power they risk to lose their humanity and change into a demon and become targets themselves.

The story moves at a fairly fast pace, leaving no room for people who can’t learn to grasp things that are further than a week apart. Clare’s journey through the unnamed continent on which her story takes place is one that draws people in, never letting go with a deathgrip stronger than the otter Taggerung’s hanging onto the Sword of Martin. On top of the latent captivation being awakened from just watching the first episode, there were no real plot holes to speak of in Claymore. Everything moved with the fluidity of thawed Alps snow down the throat of its drinker. It worked in a fashion built around minisagas, in each of which Clare would add some new ability to her arsenal, all the while pushing forward to meet the goal set before her. With all this, the story would be, of course, far from disappointing.

I like how well the main character is developping through new expriences. I liked how she became powerful. I liked the evil people in this anime. I liked about every Yoma, since they end up dead anyway. As I said, the main character is Clare, a claymore. She is traveling around trying to become stronger for one purpose, revenge on one specific “Yoma”. It’s about all I can say spoiler-free.

But I don’t like the main male character in this anime.
His name is Raki He is like er… -how to we say this- essential to the story line. He is the reason why the main character, Clare, travels around, looking for him, to eventually meet more of her destiny. Also, he affects Clare’s reflection, about her goals. He is kind of nice, I guess. He will probably do anyting for Clare, etc… Why I disliked him? Well, let’s picture it, if you haven’t see the anime. He is like an annoying little brother that really likes you. He has godlike luck, seems to never die, when other humans should have. He gets the attention of the two most important women in the story, for no apparent reason, or perhaps… luck? (wtf?) Well he is the kind of character that says : “No don’t do that, you can’t! you CAN’T!!!” over and over again. He can’t help but still try to.

The animation job done here by Madhouse was arousing. The actual artwork and details put into the backgrounds and foregrounds were excellent: trees were trees; water rippled and flowed; and, for the most part, people looked like people. The part of this series with the most intense detail would have to be the warriors’ eyes. If you take the time to actually look at it, it almost looks like Madhouse did eyes better than Kyoto Animation, and you know those people do a good job with eyes after watching Air.

On top of the details, there was a hefty amount of fighting in Claymore. There would be, of course, seeing as this is somewhat of a seinen/shounen action series. The action scenes were brilliantly crafted until the end. Movements were made totally fluid, special effects accompanied segments where the Claymores would “power up” with demon energy, and the transition from Silver Witch eyes to Demonoid eyes was always great to watch.

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