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Code Geass R1

Code Geass was directed by Goro Taniguchi who is one of the best directors with a lot of talents still at Sunrise studios. Code Geass was also writen by Ichiro Okouchi who also was the screenwrite for the amazing series Planetes. The series was promised to be a true epic series in the making. with an amazing alternate history, and a main character we got promised would evolve into a ruthless rebel that was going to seek revenge against the country and father wich ruined the life of him and his sister. It was also said that we where to get a bit mecha added into the mix for good measure. Well, was Code Geass what it was promised to be ?

Code Geass revolves around Lelouch Lamperouge, a seemingly normal student of the Ashford Academy. Under those pretenses, he is, however, a member of the Britannia Imperial Family, the eleventh prince of the Emperor. Lelouch, who plots to overthrow the Empire, is granted the power of the Geass by a mysterious girl by the name of C.C., and in return, he has to grant her greatest wish. And thus, using a pseudonym ‘Zero’, Lelouch establishes the Black Knights, in order to create an ideal world for him and his sister Nunnally to live in. Basically, everything focuses upon Lelouch’s one goal to plot against the Empire, and yet there are so many additional things that can be connected to the plot, such as the appearance of Mao and other characters.

Code Geass succesfully managed to put every plot aspect seen in all other individual series into one.
The battles are great and represent realism as Lelouch really thinks strategies out that you could also see on the real battlefield. Nevertheless the shady aspects of best friends and rivals combined with an altenate future (pretty near future I might add)where a single country has almost conquered all of the world and where advanced technologies are being discovered is just priceless. It’s all been done before but this time a series actually managed to implement all of these aspects and also in a flawless way I might add.

Most of the characters were certainly excellent creations, such as Lelouch, C.C. and yes, even Suzaku. However, Euphemia, who seems to be a total duplicate of Lacus Clyne, who originates from Gundam Seed annoys me greatly, and Mao, for his obsessive compulsiveness for C.C. In addition, Shirley, who gets on my nerves every time she makes an appearance. A minority of characters makes an appearance, and doesn’t exist any longer, unless you count those main and major ones. Bland for that, I suppose.

But lest of that, Code Geass makes you think: what will happen later? Who will ‘die’ next? How exactly is this character is connected to that character? A lot of ‘whys’, ‘hows’, and ‘whom’. Slightly confusing, but as you grasp hold of everything, it becomes exciting and enjoyable.

For those who appreciates much action, a solid storyline, and a cliffhanger plot that leaves you wondering of it’s ending every single second, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a must watch.

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