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Allen Walker who was abandoned real parents at the date of borth because of a deformed hand was adopted by a man called Mana Walker. The Millennium Earl, a strange person with strange powers you will learn more about in the series appears to those who catch his attention. When Mana die Allen is feeling nothing but despair after loosing Mana and ofcourse The Millenium Earl is there to take advantage of this. He offers Allen a way to bring mana back to life wich Allen will agree to, the result of this is Mana turning into an ‘Akuma’ (demon). This is where the story starts.

The initial episodes are marvelous and really attract your attention. It is about an alternative Earth, full of gothic motifs, where an evil demon/ghost of sorts plans to destroy it by exploiting peoples’ grief over the death of their loved ones, luring them to raise the dead and thus creating monsters that kill innocents and sink the world into chaos. The heroes have to find Innocence, powers that protect the world, and battle the Evil Earl and his minions.

Such formula is more than familiar for a shounen series, but the interesting twist is that this happens in a Gothic world. Monsters are created and heroes gain power-ups in many shounen series; although here it feels somewhat less obvious as the monsters are made from love and innocence may hurt even bystanders. This is usually enough to keep the average viewer watching. The first dozen of episodes are just fine, introducing the main characters, their sad lives, the secret organization that was made to stop the Earl and the objective goals of each side.

For the anime even the villains look cool but you hardly get to know anything about them unless you continue to read the manga after the series end. As for the monster minions, they are pretty much cannon fodder and you will lose interest in them a few seconds after they are defeated. All things considered, the characters are ok for such a series and they’re colorized to a generally high degree. But that is that and no more. They are not special, unique or even complete. Thus, I give them the base for being simply nice to watch. Sound on the other hand seems to be the best part in the entire series. Rather atmospheric and fitting to the series, although lacking variety. Voice acting was decent but like the music pieces it is nothing memorable.

Overall, I personally enjoyed the opening and ending as they did the anime very well. However, the lack of variety background musics was noticeable and over time became annoying. In addition, what really got on my nerve was the poor voice syncs in certain episodes or parts. What also got on my nerve was the cheesy “battle cries” but what else could they say in battle? Sound itself could of been better during episodes.

D.Gray-Man has it’s very own and unique story, most notable is the beginning, trowing in them main bad guy instantly to do hes evil deads. I was hooked from that point on. It did remind me a bit about Full Metal Alchemist, because it is based in a world much like ours but with a lot of differences, may it be Akuma or Alchemy. The only bad thing is that it stops because the manga is not finished. So if you want to continue the story you will have to read the manga, or waith for it to finish and hope for the next season.

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