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Deadman Wonderland

The story of Deadman Wonderland has it’s center on Ganta Igarashi, he was sentenced to death after hes classmates was killed by a man in red clothing at a massacre in hes school wich the authorities belive that he commited. Deadman Wonderland is Japans only prison that is privately-owned and situated on the ruins of Tokyo wich erlier was destroyed.

There is quite a dark plot to the story of Deadman Wonderland, i do have a few problems with the series. My biggest problem is that by the later episodes things look kinda pointless. In the prison the prisoner get a necklace that they have to wear, if the do not eat one piece of candy every 3 days they get killed by a poison that said neclace send in to their bodies in a slow pace, to get this candy you have to get cast point in competions to buy the candy, they play with this for the first few episodes and then it feels like it is forgotten, however that is stuff you can overlook. Another good point about the storyline is that there is not a single cheesy moments, not even a ecchi second. Even the behavior of the characters and interations are all psychologically accurate. Nothing seem unreal (like Franz Kafka novels) although the reality itself (if rationally confronted with ours) is surreal. And despite the serious nature of the plot, you still will eventually laugh, the same way one would smile after the storm e be delighted by the fact that good things are – potentially – on the way.

The music in this series is just brilliant. The opening and endings are the best, i will have to give the opening a special mention (One Reason by Fade). This sonng i belive was created by one of the greatest j-pop bands in Japan so I’m obviously biased, but I really love this tune. You will understand what I mean when you listen to it.

I did leave the characters for last as i wanted to write a bit about this. I find the main character Ganta to be almost invisible as there is absolutely nothing special about him, you could replace him at any moment of the show with any other main character from any other serier and you would not even notice the switch was made. Ganta just feels so out of place with his positive childish attitude. You will also learn to hate him a bit when you notice how easily he will fall for the most simple trick and will still win any fight with stupid straightforward attacks, this in my eyes made me hate him because he looke like a winner just because the write feelt like making him win in a stupid way. What you will find even more inconsistent is the fact that Ganta is not able toe grasp the most basic facts, still he will be able to learn new supermoves in just a few minutes.

Now let’s jump over to Gantas best friend Shiro. Shiro is a super strong and positive girl with an IQ of just about 0. At first it seems that she is only around to hug and help Ganta and also to to eat bread with him. When i se Shiro i mostly se fan service as she is but naked with nothing else then a bodysuit on her. Soon you will notice that Shiro has no free will when the cheap plot devise for the story to unravel whatever the scriptwriter wants. You will also notice how noone will question how she will come and go when she feels like it, nobody will even ask how she sho easily enter dangerous places all the time.

The show isn’t for everyone. But, if you can take the gore that the show brings, you’re in for a bloody good ride!

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One Response to “Deadman Wonderland”

  1. Edward says:

    Shiro is my favourite character in the series! I really ope there will be a second series, as I’d like to learn more about her.

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