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Eureka Seven Ao

When you do not read the synopsis for a show correctly you can end up with a show on your “to watch” list for quite some time which i have done with Eureka Seven Ao. I read about the show and thought it was the original Eureka Seven, just in another universe which is fairly true but i understood this so very wrong as Eureka Seven Ao is actually a sequel to the original show. I among several other people believe that Eureka Seven are to be considered one of the most lovable storys of the previous decade, it is also in thousands of user top lists. I have to admin that many aspects of the story were confusing, unfocused, and eventually unexplained. It was a really good show, much better then the average mecha series wich had an ending that did not need and sequel, not did you expect one either. But alas, here we are.

When the show first started we are introduced to Fukai Ao, We do not know much about him other then he is the son of a mysterious girl called Eureka. Ao live on the island of Okinawa and the year is 2025, just about 20 years after the first series ended ON earth. Eureka was found dropping from the sky into the sea outside Okinawa where she was rescued and brought to Dr. Toshio Fukai where she was treated, some time later Eureka gave birth to Ao and went missing after this.

In the world, Scud Coral have started to emerge from the ground causing problems in the world since several years back, Scud Coral are intelligent life forms that came to earth ten thousand years before the start of the series, when a Scud Coral emerges a “G Monster” appears to destroy the Scud Coral. When a Scud Coral is destroyed by a G Monster fusion explosions occur which can destroy really big pieces of land, to stop this from happening the world has started to build mechas that can fight the G Monsters and stop the fusion explosions from happening, the prototype for these mechas are a 10 year old model called Mark 1 that has not been active since the last pilot used it.

Now you may think that this sounds all good but after a few episodes you will just get hit in the face with plot twist after plot twist after plot twist. This is not in any way bad as it ads to a really good mystery with a lot of interesting ideas that come from out of nowhere and just turn the tables upside down on everything that has happened so far, i found it really interesting as to what this series tried to do as everything is about suspense of disbelief here. The problem is there are not only twist, there are also plotholes, quite a few plotholes and they are not explicitly explained. The show has no intention of holding the viewer in the hand, if you are tiered and you watch this show you are most likely going to miss several moments that will make you wonder later on.

The character development was quite interesting as much of i felt was really no needs for. A good example of this was Arata Naru She is Ao’s childhood friend. Here i was thinking that there would be some romance blooming as they show that she was interested in Ao and was developing that part a bit until Naru’s plot was just cut of in a very poor way because something happens that makes her go against Ao and distance herself from him which i think was a shame as there was a lot of potential in her character.

If we take a look into the Audio and department i see nothing much that i would call “new” other then it is more smooth and modern this time around but other then that it is just like the original, Vibrant and full of colors that is wonderful to watch during the fight scenes which are fast, fluid and wonderful, something Eureka Seven is kind of know for. As for the audio as i have just talked about is that the original show had a really good soundtrack, the sequel also have good soundtrack but nothing more then that. Nothing that i would call better then the original but still above average.

All in All Eureka Seven Ao is a really good sequel to the original show with a good story that plays out and would make you want to flip a table now and then because of the plottwist, still i did like it very much and would recommend anyone that has seen the original show to take a look as this and decide for themselves what they think.

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