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Eureka Seven – Pocketful of Rainbows

When i first noticed that there would be a Eurkea seven movie i was not looking forward to it since i thought it would be a recap movie like most of the Gundam movies since the series was pretty conclusive. It turns out that the movie takes place in an alternative universe, just the same as with the movie of Gekijouban Aquarion. I don’t like alternative universe movies to much as they mostly tend to be completely different from their original source. This is not to say that all alternative universe are bad because When inspired, it can lead to great stuff like Trigun: Badlands Rumble. Now, did Eureka Seven turn out this way? No, it did not. The movie is in no way entirely bad but it is in the same way not a good one. The best way I can describe it is “shallow”. This is the sort of story that I’d label as pretentious. The movie brings back plenty characters from the original series, what they did not bring back was the personalities. The Eureka Seven series, at its core,

is a love story between Renton and Eureka, this movie will not give you any of this central element as one of the big problems with it is the story. The story starts of with Eureka And Renton, both of them already know each other very well. What happens here is that we get no bonding with the two of them as it was in the anime series. Another part that i found problematic was the dialogue, the lines just seem so cliched, most of the dialogue seemed like it was emotional outbursts or tearful realizations. The feeling of love and romance was gone and lacking throughout the film. For me this was the biggest and the most unforgivable failure among all of the other questionable aspects.

I belive it is quite obvious to say that Pocket Full of Rainbows was quite inferior to the original series which inspired this movie. One of the things they did right in this movies was the action scenes, which while entertaining, were looking like all other laser and missile spam scenes from other mecha series. The second thing that was made right in this movies was that Renton and Eureka were quite cute. That is just about all the pros I could think of to give this movie. Perhaps it was unrealistic to expect that the movie would be as great as the original series, but it was not even decent, it was mediocre at best. The story i found very confusing and the pacing was totally off. The characters where not developed. They even messed up the Eureka and Renton romance. Basically, the movie was a letdown for me. If you where to compare the animation in the movie to what you saw in the original Eureka Seven you will noticed that the the animation will feel inferior. This made me wonder what happened to the budget for the movie if the original episodes were animated so beautifully.

So yeah, When you think that the story is about to come together in the end, it wont. the plot will instead twist itself, this will make insights and revelations make no sense at all which will result in the movie falling flat on its face. I usually like anime with lots and lots of dialogue, but this was just shallow and rushed.

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