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Eureka Seven

Some people do think that this is just an imitation of the popular Gundam series but fear not, even though this show is grouped under the “Mecha” category it deals more with the story than robots. I’m sure most everyone is aware of the basic premise of the story for Eureka Seven. A bored young teenager named Renton has his life turned upside down when a mysterious girl in a mech crashes into his home. Of course this barely scratches the surface of the plot. Now the series is very particularly structured in that both halves are very distinct and that the main plot does not truly unravel until sometime before the halfway point. Hold on a minute now, does this mean that the first half is pointless? Not at all, the first half is home to the meat of the character development of the show, while also laying the groundwork for the actual plot that is to come. Pretty much everything that happens in the latter half of the show is either hinted at or referenced throughout the first half. It is clear that the staff had clearly envisioned the entire scenario from the beginning.

I am a person who enjoy fast action and slow stories. Eureka Seven put together the two elements so artlessly that it often ends up presenting the very worst of both worlds, trowing the one watching from boredom to amazement in the blink of an eye. If Eureka Seven would run a marathon, i belive that the result would be either a record-shattering sprint that would make the other runners move at a consistent jog.

Eureka Seven really shines out its very best by the characters and their growth through the series. Renton is introduced as just your average 14 year old boy, not overwhelmingly angsty or any such thing, just a regular boy. He grows through the series as he becomes acquainted with some of the more cruel facets of his world but also through his love for Eureka and his willingness to do whatever it takes to be with her. You will truly feel Renton has grown into an adult, both through his actions and through his words. I think the responsibilities he shoulders in the end truly reflect on that. Eureka will also undergoes tremendous changes through the series, both physically and mentally. and by the end she is truly unrecognizable from her persona in the beginning, yet not in a way that would take a leap of faith to believe, but you can see how and why she has become like she has. The way you get attached to these characters really makes the emotional impact of many scenes throughout the show so much more powerful, as the decisions they make and their personalities feel so real and not exaggerated, you can’t help but root for them. All in all, these were some of the most memorable characters I’ve seen recently.

Meanwhile, i think that the character designs are on a cale that sometime tips to good and then to bad and sometime are just staying in the middle. There are many unique figures among the cast like Anemone and Eureka, others are just generic or wacky for the sake of being wacky. For example, one has a head twice as big as anyone else and a chest to match, and is apparently still being human. Wierd character design such as this vary from eccentric and laughable in this series.

Voice acting overall was quite nice. My initial impressions of the japanese voice actor for Renton was that she tended to overact a bit, however this was only early on in the series and by the middle this had cleared up. The voice actors for Renton and Eureka do a great job of growing up with the characters, which is plain good voice acting and most likely why they were chosen for those roles. I would have to say Holland might be favorite voice actor, his character had to deal with a very wide set of emotions (and being a complex character himself) and it was all dealt with aplomb.

I loved the music in this series. From the OP/EDs, to the insert music, to the orchestrals, all of it was great. All of the OPs I liked, however I think the first and third OPs might be tops, and the first ED winning there. The insert music usually was either techno or orchestral. “Storywriter” making up alot of the former (and rightfully so, it is a great song).

As for conclusion i must say Watch it and enjoy, and hopefully you’ll enjoy this amazing show as much as I have. I really tip my hat off to the creators and cannot wait to see what the director. I will so be watching Eureka Seven – Pocket Full of Rainbows.

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