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Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

Finally we are at the third movie of the rebuild of Evangelion, the first two movies put just about twenty episodes from the original 1995 Shin Seiki Evangelion series into a bucket, shaked it around to a three and a half hours show, with very good music and great animation every step of the way.

Shinji awakes into what is essentially Das Boot with a mix of the bridge of the Macross. He finds out that Misato now is the captain of giant ship that has the ability to fly and is called the Wunder. You get introduced to Misato, Ritsuko, Asuka, Mari and even the Bridge Bunnies Maya, Aoba and Hyuga are back. It turns out that the Third Impact was aborted part-way and 14 years have passed since it even begun and now with Misato as the head the crew of Wunder are fighting NERV and SEELE to foil their plans for human Instrumentality.

Shinji is treated with nothing but negative emotions and distrust from everyone and noone will explain to him why Rei Ayanami soon enough attacks Wunder in the new Eva Mark.09 and takes Shinji to the old NERV Headquarters where he once again meets his father Gendo Within the old/new NERV confusion and despair continue: Most of Headquarters is destroyed and Gendo, Fuyutsuki and Rei are the only people there. Still, no one bothers to explain anything to Shinji, the rest of the plot you will have to find out yourself and i bet that you, like me will end up thinking back to the End of Evangelion thinking “WTF did i just watch?” thought on you mind.

As you may have already thought for yourself the movie has heavy focus on Shinji and Kaworu which is very true because the both of them will be interacting quite a lot and we will not se much of the other characters. Shinji’s character development in this movie is executed very well, because of the earlier mentioned hate and distrust against Shinji Kawory now acts as a Ray of hope for him just like the original series but here we get to se a new depth and brutal climax because of what Kaworu is doing and one could say that everything centers around Shinji’s decline into despair which we we know quite well.

I was also thinking about something else that is new in this movie, for the very first time in Evangelion history we as the viewers get to identify with Shinji how his situation currently is, when the viewer is given near to no clues about what is happening or has happened after the 14 year timeskip you are in the same boat as Shinji as you hear him saying “What is going on?” which i believe you are thinking yourself while watching and this is what we call identification with the main character. If you think back on the original Evangelion universe, when did you ever see things from Shinjis standpoint instead of silently judging him from outside in the light of his actions and surroundings? i believe that With 3.0: Anno has managed to truly revive all those factors about Evangelion and to again stir up the audience’s emotions in a different way. And for this I thank him.

Now we just have to with for 4.0 and se how Anno and hes team are going to let everything play out.

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