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Excel Saga

When i was watching Excel Saga i thought that it could not get more weird then this, boy was i wrong. I later heard that it was just a spin-off from an anime called Puni Puni Poemi which was supposed to be even more crazy.

Quack Experimental Anime Excel Saga (yes, this is the real name of the show) i must say is total and solid proof that the anime and manga writers in japan do drugs. Excel saga is violent, politically incorrect and is what the fans of Evangelion rip-offs need, something a little less seriously angsty in their lives. We even get to follow the bad guy in this series as i would state there is no main character here if you do not count the random destruction of the world. Okay, maybe there IS a protagonist, but i never it/him/her.

The series is very violent in the ways you would not belive. Excel for example is run over, blown up, shot by at lot of various firearms, or otherwise killed quite a few times over the course of the show. Most characters don’t last here for more then about one episodes

Im not the one for spoilers in my reviews but i just have to describe the first episode here. When the show starts up we will se Excel who is skipping happily on the way to school ignoring everything and anyone near her. This will result in a truck totally flattening her and she is quite dead soon. As hes spirit wanders towards the next word the great will of the Macrocosm will revive her and explain that she needs to tell her tale from the beginning and it would not be a good series is the heroine died in the very first episode. In the next five minutes Excel will not die once, only three more times but the great will revives her again as Excel has a nack for getting killed.

So far, did i ever say that this show is crazy ? this is also just one episode out of twentysix.

With all that said, Excel Saga’s animation is quite sophisticated at the time it came out, but there is nothing spectacular about it. The show is very aware of this and as i said earlier the do not think a second time about making fun of itself. On another hand the music in Excel Saga us much better the opening fits this series perfectly, it makes it even better that it is sung by Mitsuishi Kotono who voice Excel. The ending is also great but follows in the random humor from excel saga as it is sung in dog barfs telling you how the dog would be like to be eaten if the time would come.

As conclusion I found Excel Saga to be the most weird and insane series that i have ever watched, but i mean that in a good way as it has given me the laugh of a life time over these twentysix episodes. I cant say that this is a show for anyone and everyone but if you like totally randomized and sick humor you will certainly like this one.

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