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Flashbacks to a Certain Aerial Pilot

Flashbacks to a Certain Aerial Pilot was a wonderful movie, i found it when i was looking trough Anidb for something to watch. I did not think much of it but the movie had several recommendations on it so i decided that i would watch it. The movies i made by Madhouse who has also released several other movies like the wonderful The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which also is a wonderwork.

Flashbacks to a Certain Aerial Pilot start of by introducing you to the young boy Charles Karino who is a bestado which means that hes is an orphan halfbred street rat. We get to se how Charles from young to hes teens gets beaten and called bad names just because he is a bestado. As a teenager he made it into the the army as a Mercenary pilot. The nation of Amatsuvian is at war with another nation called Levamme. As hes the best pilot in the Levamme army Charles gets a mission to escort the young noblewoman Fana del Moral who is pledged to marry Prince Carlo over to the mainland where the prince await her. We never get to know why the nations is at war, just that Charles has to fly Fana over to the mainland as she is in danger where she is now and that Charles has to avoid enemy detection while is flying.

I belie that many people would call the movie an unsubstantial and clich├ęd at best as The plot is quite straight forward without any twists or turn you can pretty much guess what is going to happen next. However, The movie may be short but its pace is really good and it even have time to develope the characters to the viewer, the focus is mostly on the characters the action is there but not as much. However, you should not worry about that as when there is a fight you will get enough eyecandy to satisfy you as the the dogfights really well directed, and the build-up between the quiet parts and the climaxes is excellent.

The animation of the movie is really great Madhouse delivered in this area. dogfights in the air are very detailed eye candy to the viewer, they were drawn surprisingly well.

The Soundtrack for the movie was also really good as it complimented the mood when watching. If a fight was going on you would notice the music right away when it changed from “all was good” to “Oh my good”, i cant speak for everyone but it at least i was leaning up to cheer for Charles to win the battle due to the music. The only complaint i have is the voice acting on mostly Fana, an example was when she was crying and you could hear how fake it sounded.

For conclusion, i notice that there are a lot of people that say this movie is not so great but when a movie like this goes past you virtually unnoticed and still is trump any animation made by Hollywood the year before it really cant be that bad. I was enjoying myself trough the entire movie as it went on and i believe that the majority of the people that watch this movie will like it very much, what i am going to do next is to se how the novelization compares to the movie. I also recommend that if you liked Flashbacks to a Certain Aerial Pilot you should go watch the wonderful story of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

I had a look at the novel and i recommend you to take a look at it after the movie as it had quite the Epilogue that the movie never covered.

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