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Gantz starts of with our main character Kei Kurono helping an old school friend of his named Masaru Kato. When are drunk man falls down onto the train track in the subway station they will try to save him and manage to do it but end up being run over themselves Kato and Kei are then teleported to a room where they find other people and one dog with one one gigant black boll in the middle of the room.

Gantz will provide you with a look at the darkest aspects of the human mind and hes behavior by letting you get to know the characters from the inside out. The characters tend to think out loud quites much during the show, thus showing you what is normally left unheard. In combination with the uniqueness of the situation, the characters’ thoughts is what makes Gantz into an intriguing watch. What sets Gantz apart from any other alien slaughter fests is how they are presenting it. The atmosphere and the pumping soundtrack, going from hip hop into to really creepy background music is as variegated and disjointed the whole show, which really brings out the flavor of the story going from guitar riffs and eerie chanting to traces of trance, the music is absolutely fascinating.

The animation for Gantz was made Gonzo and it is really great. The colorisation was well chosen and fit the series well. The animation itself was a real pleasure to watch, however. The character design was no to good, but on the other hand the designs for the aliens was really cool and not too fruity. Most of the peoples designs like Kishimoto and Sei Sakuraoka distracting and unrealistic to say the least. Boob shots, sex scenes (real or imagined), They could litteryly walk around with a sign saying “fan service” during the whole series.

The voices are done well, although the script fails to come up with decent dialogues at times.  Unfortunately, those times happen more often than they should. It’s not the fault of the voiceactors though; most of them do a pretty good job, but it’s clear that they have to stick to a script and can’t go all-out since the dialogues aren’t that great. Too bad that the script kind of sucked.
The music is very good though. The opening song is some kind of secondrate Japanese rap, which is not good, but it fits the series perfectly and it’s addictive. You’ll realize that you’ll be humming and tapping along after only a few episodes and end up liking it after all.
The ending song is, strangely enough, a slow one. But although it doesn’t really fit the series after the fast paced death sentences and the superfast rap from the opening song, it’s still a good song which can be appreciated.

Sadly, since i have read the manga/reading the manga, the ending of Gantz makes me feel that i want 10 hours of my life back. I forgot every good point Gantz had after seeing the end. Once again my verdict have to be that for you that have not read the manga, If you like violence and has a think for that Gantz is definitely someting that you should watch while not being unintellectual. However, those of you who are reading the manga and need a wrapup should most likely watch something else.

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One Response to “Gantz”

  1. Niichan says:

    This is the most Epic worse Gut wrendching Anime.. This Anime had the best xxx scene unpervsed Yet it left you wanting..Don’t see it

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