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Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown attracted me because it looked like a nice anime because of the name and the trailer, it looked like something that would draw Code Geass fans to watch it. Guilty Crown was also made by several of the core direction crew for Code Geass series, and just like Code Geass the show has a mysterious girl and a serious looking protagonist that is given the power of the king. however, after the first episode i call in all seriousness say that i now understand why the shounen genre has fallen so low. The protagonist is nothing like Lelouch as hes not serious in anyway as he mostly cry or runaway. Guilty Crown really fails at trying to make itself stand out as an independent production, and it takes itself so very seriously while at the same time having little in it that makes it worth being taken seriously.

If we take a look at the story of Guilty Crown it is quite simple. We are in the future following the a viral outbreak that took place several years earlier during an event that took place in Tokyo and is called Lost Christmas, to control this outbreak a group called “antibodies” have taken military regime over Japan to prevent further viral outbreaks by killing everyone that is infected. To counter the “antibodies” Japanese are rising up against these evil overlords as a group called “The Undertakes”, “The undertakes” main field operative and heroine Inori is on a mission which goes wrong, she end up giving a scientific genome to our protagonist Shu which gives him the “power of the King”. With this power Shu can Draw out “voids”(their hearts in forms of weapons) out of people in ways not at all intended to resemble a sex scene, and becomes the “Chosen One”, saviour of the Resistance, which he continues to do even as he keeps complaining loudly about his woes of being able to save the world, have magical scientific powers and a soon to be Idol Girlfriend. And that is just the first episode.

I would say that Guilty Crown’s is completely unoriginal, if Code Geass and Neon Genesis Evangelion would be having sex with each other Guilty Crown is their bastard offspring and should be exiled to the Night’s Watch and server on the wall for the rest of it’s life. Because of the “voids” the excitement is also gone from the show as all it takes is for the hero to pull out some super weapon out of a random person next to him and whatever evil or problem that is in front of him gets solved in a few seconds. With the voids our hero can open closed security doors and make enemy units implode which is very anti-climactic, this ruins the very setting of the show.

It’s as if the writer is taking every single opportunity to cram as much ripped-off material as the can into the show, this makes the show really confusing and slow paced, full of plot holes, and events that make no sense if you just stop and think about them. When the show reaches halfpoint the writes is trying to focus on a new directive as we have a tragedy and the whole infection and the fate of humankind’s evolution get even worse then it was before which the writes try to sell to the viewers entirely straight, but all we have is more ridiculous, chaotic just plain stupid narrative that (according to interviews) the writers wants to be the next Neon Genesis Evangelion, which weren’t. Not in the least anything like Evangelion.

If we take a look at the animation there is not much i can complain about, the show uses vibrant colors which very nice special effects to shine a little extra. The mechas have a nice fluidity when they move around and the character design and the scenery all look great but are not to outstanding from any other show of the same genre.

The music is also okay, fairly techno-pop that is less noticeable then solid visuals. For me it was much like the music went into one of my ear and right out the next one. The show tried to trow in some dramatic choirs and pianos for drama scenes but failed quite hard as I find neither memorable nor well-made.

If you have not noticed it by now my message is that Guilty Crown is bad, the only reason i actually finished the show is that by halfway i was wondering how they could screw up the show more then they had already done. This most funny thing as i mentioned earlier is that there is actually real people that thought Guilty Crown was a good show and that they have created something new and original where i have do say that the failed badly, i do recommend that you skip this one if you can.

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2 Responses to “Guilty Crown”

  1. Randomfan says:

    I agree with your review for the most part. To be honest, I can see that just about every problem in the anime came from the absence of a goal in mind as to what the anime was trying to deliver in story. The story is pretty much built from pieces of other narratives and this is noticeable since episode 1 where everything from plot development to dialogue is clearly formulaic. When I saw ep 3, I knew this was going to end badly and I was right. The urge to keep a disjointed narrative together caused all sorts of avoidable problems and most of them are noticeable when it comes to plain logic and reasoning. In other words, there was no substance or consistency in the narrative because there was no attempt to develop anything out of the anime’s own ideas. While I remain a follower, I can see the execution was off mark in just about everything the anime had to deliver something interesting.

  2. Maximillian says:

    Code Geass had a different director who didn’t work in this project and the person who did most of the writer there (Ichiro Okouchi) only wrote 6 episodes of Guilty Crown. Yoshino wrote almost nothing of Code Geass but wrote over half of Guilty Crown. Needless to say, I didn’t think the change was an improvement.

    I also agree that the emphasis on Neon Genesis Evangelion-related content was basically a negative too.

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