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Gun x Sword

On a planet called “Endless Illusion” a man named Van wanders around searching for someone that has a claw hand. This person killed hes bride when they were about to get married. Van has a special sword that can shift shapes and uses it to call down hes mecha “Dan of Thursday” from the heaves with said sword.

This is the start of the story which will follow Van who is a skilled fighter, nothing you would belive right from this start,(kinda like the start of Trigun). If you looks for a unique plot or story you will not find any of it in GunXSword. Instead it takes ideas from other shows paying a tribute by making you think of them as you draw similarities between them all the way from the story to the characters or the action sequence.

Most people i have noticed do not put this show in any kind of positive light because of this but i myself belive that is can work as this show takes are those elements from the other shows and and bundles them together into one good show. Now many would argue that it has been done so many times before but GunXSword is different in the fact that i found it very entertaining to watch. this kind of storytelling gives the show a more complete feeling even if there if a little less interaction with the audience.

For med GunXSword had a lot of action and kept me entertained and kept med guessing about how the coming plot would unfold. The Mech fights in this series are based on strategic sword play which does add a new level of interest to the show. This and the vast amount of technology available is one of the few things that changes the feeling of the old Wild west style in this series.

The animation for GunXSword i would say is is decent, the characters are well drawn and i really like the style, buildings and forests is remarkably detailed and The movements of the characters are fluid in general and i really liked Van and his swallow-tail suit which attracts attention from the viewer and portray a western feeling.

The soundtrack for this series is really good piece of jazzy tune with japanese melodies put into the blend, it reminded me of Trigun quite a lot which just made it so much more enjoyable. The instrumental opening theme really has its charm. Perhaps it is because the opening always changes, with that i mean the characters shown in it are hidden before they actually appear in the story in order to avoid spoilers. Because of this i ended up watching almost every opening because it made it really interesisting.

When watching this i found myself cheering for the good guys, and getting angry at the bad guys, laughing at the silly jokes they where trying to make. At the core i found GunXSword really entertaining, something you can sit down and enjoy watching.

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