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Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino

When Gunslinger Girl came out it was a wonderful yet disturbing anime which tackled the moral issues of giving teenage girls a shorter lifespan because they get cybernetic implants and brainwashing. It was one of those that stood out more because of its attention to detail, in Il Teatrino you will most likely notice the change in art direction if you have seen the original, it is not as detailed. the setting feels way too flat and uninspired, it seems hesitant, as if they tried to keep it in line with the aquarel-style of the original.

The story picks up almost where it left us in the original series. The Social Welfare Agency is still fighting against the Padania Republic Faction who fight for an independent Northern Italy, one of the bad thing in this sequel is that the action-scenes are not very interesting. In comparison to its prequel opening, where Henrietta mowes down several men when she enters the room, its sequel never manages to capture any single action scene which sticks to the mind. There is no impact in anything that happens it’s just action, like the stuff that happens in every other series. In this aspect the show loses more than it gains.

As the original, Il Teatrino is mostly about the girls. It is as disturbing as it always have been, as i continue to watch i get the feeling that there is now ways to feel good for the girls, there is now way to put a positive slant them getting cybernized is it only is for violent means it is done. Like most little girls they do seek the approval of their parents, in this case it is their handle, in Gunslinger Girl they seek the approval by doing a good job, ie killing people, It’s a tricky subject, mostly with Henrietta, Angelica and Rico as they are the youngest. You cant just watch then kill people and then feel endeared when they giggle happily after getting praised by their handler for a good job. What you can feel good about is the fact they continue being children in mind and body instead of changing into brutal murder machines. What was not expected in this OVA was they addition of a character called Pinnochio. Pinnochio is a wonderful addition to the series. Pinnochio serves as a direct opposite to the girls. The only sad thing is that midway there is a huge gap in hes story that breaks the flow in the storytelling.

When it comes to the music it is as good as ever. “Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi” by Kokia is the opening song which at first glance annoyed me, mostly because “The Light Before We Land” from the original series was much better i was hoping for something similar. The ending song, “doll” by Lia and Aoi Tada is a great instrumental song that i liked very much.

As for a conclusion i am very interested to se if there ever is a third season that would get highlighted and if it can top the original series that Il Teatrino did not do. If you watched the original series there is a big chance you’ll be utterly disappointed when watching this.

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