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A lot of friends have always told me to watch .Hack//Sign, have never played the game it is based of and i have always put it of because i have heard it is no good and After watching .Hack//Sign I can easily imagine why a lot of people think this series isn’t any good. However, that’s only because most of those people can’t appreciate a good discussion in anime. .Hack//Sign involves a lot of talking, dialogue and an intriguing storyline. Therefor it creates a certain subtle atmosphere which makes it a very good anime for me. The only problem i had was to actually give this show a good review because there is so much i could say about it but if i do not want to spoil anything i had to write and re-write quite a bit.

.Hack//Sign takes place almost entirely in “The World”, The World is a massively multi-player online RPG Developed for the ALTIMIT OS, The World had a lot of media hype, resulting in over 100,000 preorders. The World was sold online for download, and in the first day alone it sold 4,576,623 copies. The main protagonist is called Tsukasa. He is a character that We know nothing about and knows nothing of himself, the only thing we know is that he cant logout from “The World”.

Tsukasa is a wimp who do not trust anyone or fights anything. What Tsukasa do is talking about how harsh life is, i almost dropped the show here because it went in such a slow pace i was thinking it could not get any better. No one can understand Tsukasa, who becomes an actual living, breathing individual in this data-driven, cybernetic internet world. Alone and confused. his only guard is a giant barbell looking creature, almost invincible to anything, under his command. At first the idea promotes certain people to be “bad guys,” when suddenly things stop making sense at all by episode 20. Towards the end everything starts to clear up.

In “The World” Tsukasa has 2 closer friends called Bear, Subaru and Mimiru who is trying to help him solved the problem as to why he cant logout from “The World”, Another part of the The story have the focus set to find a mystical items called “Key of the Twilight”. When the search for this item is set in motion we meet other character like BT, Sora, and Crim, we get to se them all earlier but more when the search for this item takes place. I don’t want to say any more because it might give away some of the plot and mystery which is at the heart of this anime.

Character personalities are weak, but the character development and backgrounds are very, very diverse. I appreciated Subaru and Tsukasa the most, being the very center of the story. The relationships among the characters remain enigmatic, as often times I noticed people would just attack each other randomly (and still be friendly after someone dies), and then making me spend 2 or 3 episodes learning why they did. Not exactly my style, whether or not the relationships between the characters are about a video game or not.

The animation for .hack is definitely a well drawn show. Every character has distinguishing character features that they express in their body language, and movements about the way they may be feeling about whatever particular situation is occurring. For example, Tsukasa’s almost complete apathy toward anything that is occurring in most of the shows situations. Or Subaru’s overbeared and overworked approach to her leadership. The animation is one of the better features of the show, but even so it could have been so much more dynamic.

As for the sound .Hack//Sign has a soundtrack that is simply gold. The director takes full advantage of the soundtrack and uses it to it’s fullest effect, without wearing it out. The vocals are incredible and the instrumentals. The intro theme “Obsession” leads a bit of insight into the plight of Tsukasa throughout the show, which is figuring out “Why” as a general to everything that is going on inside “The World”.

In conclusion: I have no problem with all the dialogue that is in this anime, i think this was a really good show with a really good story. The only bad thing was the slow pace it had which in turn makes the rewatch value really low for me, i would recommend that you watch this show at least once because of the storyline.

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