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Haibane Renmei

When watching the first episode the very first thing i noticed is how the “introduction” of becoming a Haibane, meeting the group, and venturing the town. The first few episodes gives you such a welcoming feel, bringing the watcher down to earth for a moment to get an idea of the characters’ surroundings. Plot continuation follows this, such as describing the meaning of a Haibane in the town, and other surprising events. It isn’t until late in the series that the conflicts surfaces. At this point, I was immersed in a dream that Haibane Renmei created, and every little thing Rakka said or did became precious to me.

The thing now is, that i am having quite a lot of trouble finding anything bad say about this series at all. Almost every anime seriestend to have many obvious flaws, like if it is dragging on too much, having filler episodes that takes up time, or just making no sense at all, but you se, Haibane seems to have done everything right. The only thing that i could mention but not call a flaw or anyting like that is that you need to get through the first four episodes, which are nice to watch, but nowhere near as emotional as the rest of the series.

Haibane Renmei was designed and created to make you think that by giving you mysteries to tickle your brain, you will get answers later. However, the series wont give any answers to these riddles for the sake of you imagineing the answer by yourself. There wont be any clues at all towards who become haibane and who will not. But i do think that these questions do not need answering, some might not like the fact that there is so much mystery and so little revelation in Haibane Renmei.

The graphics are mostly good and sometimes outright impressive in their mixture of cel art and CGI rendering, the music is  nothing else then complet mastery. All the compositions, from the very opening to the very ending, are of a beauty that simply outshines the lesser works. For a series of only 13 episodes.

The voice acting for Haibane Renmei is also very professional.  I found little to nothing that i could complain about, but i do not find anyting that really stood out either. The only think  i could think of was that Hirohashi Ryou does a really good performance as Rakka, where she will deliver what conveys of a troubled innocence.  Noda Junko sounds really much at ease as Reki. Her voice is the one most recognizable out of the female-dominated cast of the show.

I see absolutly no reason at all why one would not to recommend Haibane Renmei to hes or her friends. Not only will it keep delivering over and over again after it gets really started. For me this was definitely is a memorable series, and it couldn’t have been a better way to close.

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