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Hellsing, i have read both the manga and i have seen the anime, they are both amazing. The only problem i have with the show is that because of the short amount of episodes and how the anime differs so much from the manga the story feels very incomplete, some of it gets resolved by the end of the series but there is still a lot of plot that go unanswered that it almost looks like a swiss cheese when we are at the end of the show wich makes me and i guess a few other really really sad.

For anyone just watching the anime the show starts of with Seras Victoria who is a special member in the D-11 police force, when all the member of her squad is brutally murdered by rogue vampires, then turned into ghouls. at this time Alucard appears, Alucard was born in 1431 and is the son of lad II Dracula and he is arguably the first vampire that ever existed. In the present day Alucard is now the servant vampire of Hellsing, a family hellbent on destroying anything non-human. After killing all the rogue vampires Alucard makes Seras into a vampire, or should we say blond sidekick insteed? because that’s what she really is.

For me it felt like the pace was just way up, everything was moving really fast, the did throw in a few stories for character development but I felt a little disappointed since the show was only 5 hours long. What you do get if you look past all this is a show filled with action and blood, and of course you will get to se Alucard trying hes best to be as much of an ass as possible against Integra wich is quite entertaining and keeps the humor going trough the show. I just love how the fight scenes are animated and The animation is well built on Alucard’s intimidating appearance as Alucard is one of the coolest looking animated characters in the vampire genre.

Most of the voices here are very good and fit in well with the characters. There is just the voice of Alucard that i am going to question as i do not se it as a good fit in here. The seiyuu who voices him does a good job with the lines and the emotions, but it seems like it might have been better to have a voice that sounds just a touch more chaotic, more maniacal, takahata101 from Hellsing Abridged maybe? As for the animation it suits Hellsing’s intent. Serious and mature approach like this makes it possible to have a chilling effect on the viewer in some situations, definitely the goal of any anime belonging to horror genre. If you have a blood-fetish or something like that This will satisfy your tastes fairly well.

To conclude my review i am going to say that if you have not watched hellsing you should do so immediately and you should also go read the manga when the series is finished or read it first and then watch the anime. I rewatched this series during the weekend as it was quite some time ago since i saw it. Why i am doing this now is because the last episode of Hellsing Ultimate will be aired in a few days and i want to compare both of them. Hellsing is a 5 hour show and Hellsing Ultimate adds another 3~ hours to that as it follows the manga storyline more closely, so i am quite curious as to what they put onto those extra hours.

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