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When i found Inukami! i was looking for some comedy. At first glance it did not look like this was it but good was i wrong.

Inukami is splashed with harem drama, but its sense of humor is its boon. At least half of the scenes that are built like a corny attempt at a tear jerker are, at the last moment, twisted into one of its ridiculous jokes. Aside from the lovers’ spats of Youko and Keita, the humor in Inukami is totally inappropriate,
but in a good way. The world of Inukami is full of very freakish people with very odd sexual “hobbies”. As i always say im not the one to spoil bu the villain in the very first episode has a beam wich he shoots from this genitals wich removes the cloths from people, and hes one of the tamer ones.

Most of the main story is episodic story telling where Youko and Keita get into odd situations while trying to destroy any kind of evil from people who request it. The smaller subplots all involve Youko and Keita abusing each other. Keita takes advantage of his Inukami’s naivete to hide his unfaithful intentions while Youko, ever the sadist, will often tease Keita into situations where he’s the most vulnerable, only to suddenly humiliate him. She’s not beyond outright delivering simple and straightforward vengeance when she feels wronged either. Youko, unlike most tsundere’s, makes it clear to all that she wants Keita, or rather, she already sees him as her property. Her innocent notions of romance, cuddling, going on dates, receiving courting gifts, gives her sadistic nature a playfulness that makes it easy to laugh at. Her favorite form of torture is teleporting Keita out of his clothing, buck naked in the middle of the street. It may sound harsh, but Keita’s closet exhibitionism keeps him from being traumatized. Youko’s violence doesn’t stem from misunderstandings ala Love Hina. Keita’s punishments are his just deserts. His humorous ambivalence, or even outright aversion to Youko’s tenderness alone warrants a smack. Add to that his shameless sex drive and a pompous chauvinism, and it feels good to see the bastard hurt a little.

For a harem girl, Youko is quite a joy to watch. She’s innocent at heart, mischievous with her lover, but at the same time easy to anger, and frighteningly belligerent. Her abusiveness with Keita is a slap on the wrist compared to the hell she’d unleash if prompted by her jealousy and possessiveness. The gloves are off for people who stand between her and her cozy relationship with Keita. It might sound biploar, a murderous violence with innocent affection behind it, but it all makes sense under her territorial nature; almost like a nurturing beast protecting its offspring.

As fun as it is to watch Inukami’s twisted humor, it is just as unbearable when it doesn’t have the good sense to stay away from drama. Towards the end, a story that actually takes itself seriously develops, which peaks at a long and melodramatic battle between the heroes, and a real villain. Not some exhibitionist or pervert, but maybe the embodiment of evil itself. Putting aside its unbearable cheesiness, it just feels completely out of place in the established Inukami world. It begs the question why a harem comedy based on perversion of all sorts suddenly wants a Sailor Moon-esque ending.

Inukami is quite long, and eventually Youko’s violence becomes more and more simple. It is too often devoid of the trickery by both parties that made the abuse fun earlier in the series. Keita doesn’t even attempt to escape Youko before setting his lecherous sights on some other girl. In fact, he’ll holler at girls when she’s right next to him, evidently, asking to be burned to a crisp.

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