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Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen

If you are wondering what this is Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen is continuing the original Inuyasha series and will cover the story in volumes 36 to 56 of the manga.

After years of waiting Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen finally arives to bring the last chapters of the manga into animated life, many had given up hopes of it even coming. I would like to think back to the original classic and say that watching it was great, But after watching the “ending” of the original series first thing that passed through my mind was… “What? so… Thats it? It left quite a bad taste in my mouth.

The predecessor of Kanketsu-hen had the problem with it being very long and very slow in advancing the story. Kanketsu-hen on the other hand has the problem of having the pacing moving on too fast. Kanketsu-hen only has 26 episodes where they are trying to tell a story worth of 20 manga volumes, one will fast realize that they had to cut a lot of corners and use fast story movement, so much that even someone who have never read the manga would notice the uncomfortably fast speed in the story. During some points of the story that has a bigger meaning to it they will skipp all the important moments just to move on the story faster. The series is also filled with a lot of emotional moments. During these moment you will most likely shed a tear if you are attached to one of the characters. The only problem is that during those emotinal moments like one dying or facing their end the series will not deal with it.

Another thing that is not really a problem but causes injust when you pack all these volumes into 26 episodes is that a lot of the characters will not have time to have their time in the spotlite. If you count how many characters there is in the series from the start, you will quicly notice how the show start to throw them away one after the other until we are left with out final group of heroes that will fight evil. This will cause a lot of lack in character development that the original show had a lot of.

As for the Animation… it is kind of like how the original was, but this time we get it animated in HD. As the original we get scenes that is rarely if ever reused, and all the characters will feel just like the original characters from the original serier with their original feeling. I found the music in Kanketsu-Hen to be lacking a bit from the original wich was known for it’s unique collection of Ending and Opening music. This is ofcourse not to say that Kanketsu-Hen has back music, only that it is not as great as it could have been.

One last thing im going to nag on is the voice acting. The original cast returned to do the last episodes of the Inuyasha series, that is just pure gold for all of them to return. However, it feelt like they did not put their heart in it this time, like “can we get this over with” was the feeling i was having when listening, maybe it was just me thinking this.

In my review of the original series i said that Inuyasha is for the one who wants action and not for the one who wnats the story to run on fast, this is the oposite. The only thing is that here it goes to fast and i can only conclude that if you watched the original series this is a must for both the one who likes action and storytelling.

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