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Inuyasha is a show that kind of show that many either hate or love. Inuyasha’s regularly ridiculed elements will include its long duration, and the re-use of ¬†animation during the action scenes, as well as Kagome who never wears anything but her school uniform during the whole show while battling demons. Other just hate it simply because of the kind of popularity it had. That being said, I’m very glad with how Inuyasha has turned out. Unlike Ranma ¬Ĺ, Inuyasha will follow the manga perfectly. There are only few filler episodes wich i could survive trough. Other then that there are only some minor changes so as better to suit the animation.

Before i start with the story, let me just get this straight; Inuyasha is rather light stuff, but the Magic from Takahashi will show its presence rather much in there. after all, it is her stories that are being animated and she does know how to write person to person interaction scenes, She also puts the characters against each other. While some characters share appearance similarities like Kikyo and Kagome, For rather obvious reasons their personalities is far from being copies of each other. And as the series moves on, more things about each of the characters is discovered, mainly Kikyo and Inuyasha in that.

Although Inuyasha and party are certainly a great cast of characters, the villains are not. With the exception of Sesshomaru and Kikyo, the villains are your usual nasty cardboards. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about Naraku and Kagura, save for the fact that they keep popping up and just won’t kick the bucket. Sango is another boring character. Though she’s doing her part, I find her to be nothing but a prouder watered-down version of Kagome. Give her some personality. And slapping Miroku every chance she gets is not personality. I also find Shippo to be annoying and useless. He’s just the cute factor of the show, the mascot. Anyways, because the majority of the series follows the ever-annoying “monster of the week” format, villains, real villains, are hard to come by. Furthermore, with the exception of Inuyasha, there is very little development. Miroku is still just a horny monk, and though Kagome is a great character, she really doesn’t change. I don’t consider realizing her feelings for Inuyasha “change.” That’s a given. There’s no excuse for this, especially considering the length.

The animation is well done, but in comparison with other works of the same time there really isn’t much to be amazed by. Takahashi likes to keep things simple, and the animation for IY shows it. The designs tend to be simple, the backgrounds usually flowing backdrop to rural Japan. The level of animation usually picks up during the action scenes, but on the most part stays simple and concentrates on telling the story rather than dazzling us.

The main story of Inuyasha is actually was never completed in anime form. The romance (the love-triangle of future & past), the mystery, the wonderment of “will the shikon jewel ever be completed?”, would not be completed unless you read the manga. The viewers asked themselves what will Inuyasha do once the jewel is finally completed again? Will he become a full youkai? Or become a full human? Stay half&half? Choose Kagome, or Kikyou? What happens to Miroku and his hand? Sango’s brother? that, my friends, was unknown after the series finished if you did not read the manga. But as i finished Inuyasha not long ago the answer is Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen. The second season of Inuyasha witch takes the story to the end of the manga, however that is for another review.

To sum up inuyasha i would recommend this for the action lover. If you want to watch someting that developes greatly over time of the show, watch someting else.

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