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I was looking around Around anidb when i noticed jormungand in the “Random Anime Recommendations”, after taking a look at it i decided i wanted to watch it because well, i like gunshows as much as i love mecha. Jormungands main point is action where the main usage if either guns, Snipers or close-combat knife fights, and let’s not forget about explosions, all this are in almost every single episode.

The main protagonist is Koko Hekmatyar, an arms dealer and her crew of people with old military backgrounds. The new member in the team is a boy soldier by the name of Johnathan Mar, but they all call him Jonah. Jonah came to work for koko as her bodygaurd despite that he has a big hatred towards arms dealers. The story mostly concerns itself with various predicaments and trials that is forced upon the main character by the setting and how she defies all logic while getting out of these predicaments in a flashy and always successful way.

If Gunfigts and explosions are not enough there is also a psychological side of the show. It would seem that all the team member are calm, but they all have their fears and problems. Koko seems to be the only variance as she jumps between different moods. One second she is laughing wildy and another second she shoots someone in the face. This makes her quite erratic and unpredictable. If your look deeper you would se that she is very calculating when it comes to different jobs wich makes the world of arms dealers in Jormungand more believable. Because this series has so much seriousness about it i did not expect to much comedy like i did not do in the begining of Black Lagoon either, but Jormungand also manages to put in some light-hearted scenes here and there without it being out of place. A few characters are also in the show to change the atmosphere as they are there more for comedy then anything else.

The animation for the show is what i would call “call of duty”, it never went to any speciall levels in my opinion as the deserts and jungle scenes could have been more gorgeous if they weren’t so boring. It’s not that the artists shown a complete lack of love towards the setting, it just appears that the female lead sucked all of their affection and effort upon herself. All the memorable scenes from the show that come to my mind involve said lead one way or another.

As for the sound and music i was actually quite pleased as it is a catchy mix of rap, guitar, electronic synth. The show move itself to the beat of music and makes your blood pump faster pumped for what is about to happen next. all on the backdrop of gunshots and explosions. This show is a feast of sounds. Heck, even the outro tune leaves an impression.

As you might suspect i did enjoy jormungand, if you are into gunfights, explosions or If you have watched other animes like Black Lagoon you will like Jormungand without a doubt, i still highly recommend that you take a look at it even if they are not what you usully watch.

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One Response to “Jormungand”

  1. Niichan says:

    All time favorite short anime’s

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