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KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple

The main character in this series is Kenichi Shirahama, he takes up martial arts in hopes that it will help him against his school bully. He meets Miu who takes pity on him and introduces Kenichi to her grandfather at his dojo. Miu’s grandfather let’s Kenichi training with one of the six residing martial arts masters who lives at the dojo to learn new skills.

The story is really linear as it follow Kenichi as he fights the evil gang called Ragnarok. He beats one person then the next stronger person comes followed by the next and so on, this gets biting fast but is watchable for one reason, Kenichi’s progression as a person and how Kenichi is really improving, his opponents are gradually stronger, and his allies are increasing as his victories are pilling up. But in the end, the thing that kinda ruins it is that the story is not really completed. Kenichi is far from being the strongest and although his main rivals are all beaten or tied, you can still see side stories that are left open for a continuation.

All characters in Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi are completely stereotypical. It’s actually not so common to see a show spurt so many characters which seem to be copied line by line straight from a “Shounen Archetypes book”. Nijima might be the only exception to the rule, but, heck, he is a side character rarely used for anything besides humor.

Miu. The main heroine, Her design is terrible, terrible in more ways that I can count to, without a calculator. Well, looks don’t have anything to do with personality. Anyway, her personality is little better than her design. Again we have a complete stereotype, which is only there to advance the plot and offer some unfulfilled romance innuendo. She is one-dimensional, clumsy, hard-working and likes Kenichi for no particular reason. …Hey. I’m out of ideas. She is so devoid of interesting traits I can’t name anything else what would be interesting and would apply to her. It seems fun and her personality goes ways really far apart from each other.

The animation is average at best, Backgrounds are average for the most part. They don’t possess much detail but the bright color palette makes them good enough to work with the show. Character designs is what makes the show really bad as they are really ugly, body parts disproportioned and facial expressions or even simple movement messing their faces into unrecognizable. Low frame rate, lame choreography and overused still images during the fight scenes bring overall quality of the show even further down.

As for the music the opening and ending themes have a music style and the ending theme is something that i would take for “humor”, the kind of music and they have entertaining animations and cut scenes to watch.

What scares me the most is that the Voice-acting is done by Tomokazu Seki (Full Metal Panic! as Sagara Sousuke, Nodame Cantabile as Chiaki) did the voice of Kenichi, Nakata Jouji (Hellsing as Alucard), Hiyama Nobuyuki (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as Viral) or Ohtsuka Akio (Metal Gear Solid as Solid Snake) doing some side roles and sounding awesome. I do not know how they managed to get so many good names and this series still is so bad, I say lame characters are at fault here, not the voice-actors.

Fifty episodes later and i can say that this is a series that i will not rewatch, and i would not recommend it to anyone as i feel it is a waste of time to watch it.

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