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Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 1st Season

Synopsis: The year is 2307 AD. Fossil fuel reservoirs have been largely depleted, resulting in the creation of three solar powered orbital elevators. These massive structures are controlled by the world’s three superpowers, and the distribution of energy has become highly unbalanced as a result. Numerous wars have started in those regions unable to access the solar power costing a countless number of lives. In the midst of this chaos, a secret organization called Celestial Being has sent down four Gundams to wage a war to end all wars.

Gundam 00′s timeline is set in the (AD)Anno dormini era which is used in the Gregorian Calendar to refer to the current era. The story takes place 300 years in the future where the world is thrown into chaos because of war, which is also the main theme for this gundam series. There are 3 main countries which are called, Advanced European Union (AUE), which you could call the future europe. The second one is called Human Reform League (HRL) where the main countries are Russia, China, Mongolia, India and some other small countries nearby. The third country is called the Free Nations Union which is a union created which almost all the countries in Japan, America, Australia and some parts of asia with the USA as the most dominant one over them all.

To try and eradicate said war, the formation of Celestial Being is made. Celestial Being is a organization that a man called Aeolia Schenberg created 200 years before Gundam 00. Celestial Being was created under the ideology of ending global conflict using a line of revolutionary mobile weapons known as Gundams. The plan of using mobile weapons to try and stop the war and achieve world peace may sound quite gullible, the thing is that all the characters knows that what they are doing is naive Gundam 00 never claims to be right or wrong in any moral manner, it just shows you the different views on the world.

One thing that made me sad is that here they use the idea of technological advantage instead of being a good pilot with good maneuvering skills or some kind of strategy. The side with the best strategy wins, it is the side with the better technology. This annoyed med quite much, especially when hidden weapons we never heard of was hidden in the gundams to pop up whenever the meisters where in trouble. The technologies change too quickly for both sides, and they are wasted before their real tactical advantage are even utilized even before you realize what that new weapon is for.

Another problem is the characters who fail most for this series in my opinion They are very well drawn, but little to none typified. Even the best one out of them all, Lockon Stratos just barely escape this. Setsuna was the worst in my opinion, i would go as far to say that Shinn Asuka from Gundam SEED was even better as he shows hes frustration over the loss of his family. That is not how Setsuna roll you will notice. There are no characters that really rise high up in this series, as i mentioned earlier Even Lockon Stratos is not dignified enough as a person, but on the other hand they made him into a really great mood maker.

While the show do not stand out to much story or character wise, it instead stands out in the animation department. The technical quality of color, shading and detail during the greatly animated action scenes are simply amazing. Each gundam reflects it’s own characteristics from the alloy on their bodys..

i will also say that Gundam 00 had really great voice acting and really great songs like for example ‘Ash Like Snow’ by The Brilliant Green where amazing.  It also great background music that always set the mood, always to the point. SFX are unique for weapons and engines. which give the action sequences that extra sense of energy.

In the end i would say that this season Gundam 00 is quite rewatchable because of the mecha fights, i am waiting to se what season 2 will bring, i am hoping for more more suspense, more intrigues, and better typifications of its characters. More in-depth conflicts to the pilots, Azadistan. But, if it’s continuing this way, I predict this series as up to no good.

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