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Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny

Gundam Seed Destiny is proof of just how good Gundam Seed was. Destiny is a horrible disappointment compared to the first season, and I still enjoy it to some extent. As a measure of how far it has fell, I devoured the entirety of Gundam Seed in a matter of days. I rarely care to watch more than 2 or 3 episodes of Destiny before I cease to care.

The anime just started on the wrong foot for me. First, the introduction music has the feeling they went up to the artists and said, “We want an opening song just like the ones you did for Gundam Seed.” It is reminiscent of them, but just not very good, and mostly serves to remind just how cheesy Gundam tends to be. I do, however, like the ending song. And then, horrors of horrors, our hero’s Gundam is a transforming mecha composed out of smaller parts. “And I’ll form, the head!” They win zero style points for that gaffe, especially since they’ve yet to convince me it serves any purpose whatsoever.

Remember in my review of Gundam seed i said that i felt that the story was taken from the original Mobile Suit Gundam? well, The story of Destiny is like a rehash of the first Gundam Seed and it is getting old. I watched 50 episodes of this in the first Gundam Seed, why must they rehash the exact same story only with a few different people. They have still not even mentioned a cliffhanger they left in the first one considering Kira, and how he is the “ultimate coordinator” or really talked about the guy with the mask that was supposedly the clone of that Captain’s father. Another thing that is confusing is the fact that Coordinators are supposed to be superior to Naturals in piloting Gundams, but in this one Naturals are fighting evenly with Coordinators, if not better. They seem to have decided to throw the idea that was pretty big in the first Gundam Seed, that Naturals cannot effectively pilot Gundams, out the window.

I have seen quite a few reviews that praise the political drama in Destiny, but in all seriousness, there is little “political drama” to be had. There are a few behind-the-scenes manipulations, but we never really see the heads of the Earth Alliance do anything, Orb is pretty much buffeted in the wind by the whims of the Alliance and PLANT, and the goings-on in PLANT’s political arena are mere background to the story. There are barely any meetings between heads-of-State, or diplomatic negotiations or backroom deals; the extent of the “political intrigue” is: “This country is enemy! Destroy!” The only real political “manipulation” is the footage of the battle against the Destroy gundam and the side-story with Lacus. Not enough to classify this anime as a stunning political drama, in my opinion.

As for the characters I dont really know what to say about the main “hero” in Destiny *smashes head into keyboard*. Okay, perhaps that isn’t a very constructive comment, but that’s the only way I can vent my frustration. Shinn might possibly be one of the most annoying anime characters I have seen. His constant whiny, angsty, boohoo attitude gets old. All the other new characters are rather annoying too, the Lacus wannabe, the redheaded girl from Plant, Yuna. Athrun and Cagalli are starting to annoy me and they were my favorite characters in the first Gundam Seed. It seems like instead of trying to think up new things, the writers are just going to make the characters go backwards in their development since the first Gundam Seed. Cagalli and Athrun are suddenly working through stuff again and agonizing over stuff they had already resolved and accepted in the first Gundam Seed. This particularly annoys me. Instead of the strong, decisive people they were at the end of the first Gundam Seed, they went back to being these weak, unsure people trying to figure out what to do. I was also hoping instead of throwing in these new characters, they could expand more on the side characters that didn’t get much time in the first Gundam Seed, like Miriallia or Yzak or Dearka I would have rather seen expanded on than Shin or any of the new characters.

I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first one, but when I saw that the characters of the first series were also present in this series, like Kira, Lacus, Murrue, and Cagalli, I wanted to continue to watch it. I really despised the character Shinn Asuka, however, as I have really made a biased opinion on him. I know that he is just a confused, over-dramatic and emotional individual, he really made me want to go and punch him. But I know that’s impossible to do. What really made me angry about him was that he onlt thought that “he” only understand what was happening. How he back-talked to Athrun, and how he spoke to Cagalli, who wre involved with the previous war, really made me go to the edge of my seat. If he was out of the picture and Kira was replaced by him and the entire story was changed with Kira still the main protagonist and fighter, then I think I would have enjoyed it more. But in the end, I watched the entire series anyway. I respect the way the creators made Shinn and how he was an individual affected by the war, but I think they could have made him a bit more sentimental to the other characters. There were even times when I hoped he’d get get seriously hurt, but those times never happened.

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