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Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED

When i watched Gundam SEED i felt like they ripped the original Mobile Suit Gundam story, gave it to seed and then greatly modified it, or should I say “upgraded”. Most of the people who are disappointed of all the recent Gundam shows or just don’t really like mecha would say something like this: Great…another Gundam series, just what we needed…*sigh*. Seed can restore your faith to Gundam series and it should also be watchable for all the mecha haters out there. While the previous Gundam shows were lacking of emotion and most were just plain void, then Seed isn’t lacking any of that, in fact, it was too emotional for my taste, you could simply say that the whole concept of this anime is for the characters to find the answers to such questions like Why and for what am I fighting for? and boy do they discuss that a lot. And that is what makes Seed stand out, the characters fight with all their heart.

Of course it still has the known elements from other Gundam series. Like in Wing, the mechas of the main characters are invincible and things get rather hyped in the final episodes but that is just how I like it. Also, it amazes me how the creators managed to end every episode with such cliffhangers, just in the most dramatical-looking scenes the ending song starts, leaving you anxious to see more. The plot in the final episodes was a little rushed and may even be quite confusing if you don’t pay attention. But the worst things in Seed are the recaps, there even was 2 in a row which is quite bad. The story is very interesting and full of plot twists and more importantly, it shows us how pointless the war is, especially for the youth, you could say that Seed is the softer and illustrated (and hyped) version of the book “All Quiet on the Western Front” by E.M.Remarque although the anime has a much more happier ending.

The variety of characters Seed has is quite impressive. Them all having an unique personality and a different understanding of the world they live in gives us quite a colorful cast. Also, you can’t really tell that these are the “good” guys and the others are the “bad” guys. But I sure did spot the really annoying characters, out of which one certain female character did a good hob in annoying me. The family affairs are made just like in some kind of a soap opera, the siblings and “other kind” of relatives just keep popping up in the last 10 episodes.

When Gundam Seed was created there was a lot of thinking to the question on how to improve the Gundam series yet again. The firts thing that would be a shok is the graphical detail. One of the best examples to show this is when seeing the command screens and the interior cockpits from the mobile suits. Every possible equipment has been drawn and animated. The text on peaces of paper can easily be seen and red. Of course there is also the detailes on the characters. The most noticable peace of art are the eyes of the characters. Emptions are extreamly well displayed in the eyes of a character. The Artists have verry well used the modern techniques of computer animation to give that extra touch to the already drawn material. Some of the most impresive work was done on the Moble Suits that were in combat as well as on the battleships. This Gundam seed is a great improvement since Gundam Wing. It is just a bit of a shame that some battle scenes are exact copies from battles happening in previous episodes.

the strongest aspect of the show is the music, it is truly very good here. It seems that Bandai has spent all their production money on acquiring openings and endings, and they had forgotten that the story and characters are what make an animation shine. I never seen a Gundam series with so many theme songs, and the fact that they uses many dynamic modern pop music makes me feel that they are trying to imitate clamp, but then again, Bandai is trying to use this show to appeal to younger and female market, so maybe this is why they decided to go with this theme songs selection.

Gundam SEED is one of a kind. It has action, drama, a large amount of lovable and detestable characters. If you don’t like Gundam shows or mecha in general then you should still check out this one, it may easily be to your liking.

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