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I want to start of by saying that Sebastian is the best butler in any anime series that has been made and involve butlers. I would say that he is the tuxedo wearing offspring of Alucard from Hellsing, Unlike Alucard Sebastian is not as battle hungry but they are equally awsome in battles. But insteed he will send hes victims to hell when he makes contracts with them.

Now when that’s out of the way, let’s start with the story which i found to be very weak in this anime. In the story Ciel has sold hes soul to the devil so he can be able to take revenge on the people that killed hes family, you could call the story “sherloc holmes” as Ciel becomes a detective and goes on a hunt to find find clues. it is not that the story is bad but they do not present it in any sort of brilliance, insteed the story is rushed and the chain of events happens whenever the author want it to happen. If you where to break it down one could say that Ciel goes around to look for a criminal, he goes to a place where he meets someone at said place, a crime happens and the person guilty turn out to be the one he meet at said place. Now Ciel is in dange and he goes to Sebastian who will fix the mess so they wont be late for tea time, this is pretty much how it goes. No matter how bad the situation is, Sebastian is always unbeatable and have no need to use strategys in battle, he will just use brute force. As the story went on this became more of a problem and in the end it just felt like everyting happend in a in totally random and convenient manner. This made the mystery aspects of the story just plain crap and ruined the already simple premise of the story.

If you look on the animation and compare it to the good looking manga i feel quite disappointed. The action scenes look really bad except for a few that they could have put some more effort into, and also i would have wanted to se some more work on the characters facial expressions as they looked as consistent as Inoue’s from Bleach.

I found the music in this series to be truly good (“Kiss of Monochrome”) had really great animation if you where to compare it to the rest of the series. The ending (“I’m ALIVE!” by BECCA) was really hilarious, but i also think it did not fit into a serier that has such a dark tone to it, still i love it. The second ending (“Lacrimosa” by Kalafina) was perfect for the arc the story was in. The backround music set the tone for the anime, it emphasized the characters as well as the action scenes. The voice actors was great. Even the character that you found quite annoying where given good voices that fit them perfectly, most notibly where Elizabeth (Yukari Tamura) and Alois (Nana Mizuki).

Concluding what I’ve just said, Kuroshitsuji is a show you should definitely give a try, but keep in mind that the show focuses entirely on Ciel’s revenge so there won’t be many sidetracks anywhere.

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