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Major 2nd Season

The continuation of major came in with a bang. This season starts around 3-4 years after the events in sesaon 1. Goro who hurts his right shoulder and can’t pitch anymore. He has also returned to Mifune to join his old friends as they try to save there baseball team. The actually anime is broken into two parts the first one is Mifune high school and the second part is Goro at Kaido so you can consider this season a double season kinda.

This time an opportunity represents itself to Goro so he can test himself in new and intressting ways, at first as a leader and then later as an individual equality to other talented players. Some of the story plot, mostly in the beginning very familiar, bad guys turn into good guys through the power of Goro and baseball. For me there was a distinct lack of challenges filled with emotion for Goro, which meant there was not that extra layer to the story. On the other hand we find Goro being tossed into impossible challenge after impossible challenge only to glide through them because of who he is. His brilliant personality did continue to shine through the less intressting plot, but i was still hooked I had some fears that during the creation of the second season they would ruin all that stunning work that they achived in the first season, but that was easily put away after the first episodes was done. But the creators seemed like the wanted to show how cool Goro was insteed of developing him as a person.

The animation is one of the things that doesn’t change much at all. Even though the characters age as the season go by the characters still are recognizable after there growth. Although they don’t look THAT different anymore from seasons 2 and forward. So the general points of the animation are the reused frames that happened sometimes. Also the simple backgrounds and not very complex scenes in general. I don’t think much production value at all CAN be put since this anime is really long.

Just like the animation the sound isn’t impressive either. The EXACT same music is used for every part of the anime making it more and more predictable. I guess it was easier for me to notice since I watched it all consecutively too. Either way it made the anime a little less exciting. The voices are nice and stayed the same and aren’t anything special. The opening and endings aren’t too great either just average. So the sound is also acceptable.

I enjoyed this one quite much, it’s a funny, cute, and all around lovable anime series. If you haven’t seen this one yet, you need to, But first check out season one.

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