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Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki is a story about a boy called Amano Yukiteru, but is called Yukki during the story. Yukki keeps a diary on hes phone and as a bystander records what is happening around everywhere he goes. At home Yukki has an imaginary friend, the God of Time and Space, Deus Ex Machina. One day Deus tells Yukki they are going to play a game as Deus is looking for someone to take over hes throne as ruler over space and time. Deus invites Yukiteru, Yuno (our female protagonist) and ten others to a battle royal in which the last survivor becomes the new God of Time and Space.

Everyone who takes part in the the game to become the last survivor is given a “Future diary” which tells them about future events that is going to happen. In Yukkis case hes Diary is the “Random Diary” and tells him what is going to happen around him as he wrote about similar things before he entered the game, every users future diary is different with it’s own strengths and weaknesses.

Mirai Nikki’s story has an intriguing premise at the start. The future diaries are well thought out, and they balance each other power wise nicely with each one having its own weaknesses and strengths. The pacing is perfect and reveals things just when they should be revealed. The story has many layers that all go together well but it absolutely crashes in the end if you have ever read the manga because it leaves a few parts out that at least i would say is important to conclude the story itself. Mirai Nikki also plays with anime stereotypes a bit, trying to show how absurd they would be in a more realistic light. For example, the person who easily gets into the survival game and starts killing is shown as psychotic just as that person would be perceived in real life, and it stresses what humanity and goodness would be lost by taking an active role in the game. Sometimes Mirai Nikki takes anime stereotypes and points out how absurd they are by placing them in a more realistic backdrop and exaggerating the feature. This makes for a couple of really weird characters. However, as this absurdity is done intentionally to make a statement I have not thought much about it but still wanted to mention it.

Mirai Nikki does however require some suspension of belief, particularly concerning why certain people aren’t arrested as particular events occur and other small things like that. There are no significant plot holes that erode the plausibility of the overarching story, though. It is an interesting mix of action and horror, with just a dash of mystery to it but not the kind of mystery you are meant to unravel on your own. Mirai Nikki’s story is more of a rollercoaster ride that you just sit back and enjoy.

If we take a look at the animation the character designs are quite ingenious. This is particularly evident when considering that all those silhouettes of each character were identifiable from each other, and each one still looked neat and were instantly recognizable when they appeared in person. Facial expressions are really fantastic. Violent scenes did cut corners a bit, though, with very little smooth animation for them. While animation was never distractingly bad, this did not seem to have a high budget and did not have much eye candy, other than the character designs. As for the characters themselves, have any of you heard about the population crisis in Japan? Apparently there aren’t many couples these days because women are disappointed due to guys not being manly enough… well I think I’ve found the source. Yukki is one of the must gullible, weak failure of a protagonists that I have ever seen, and it would do Japan good to stop generating weak male protagonists like him. Yuno, on the other hand, is insane. She happens to be a yandere who is pretty much a perfect girlfriend as long as she doesn’t snap. You can tell that the goal was for Yuki to start as a complete wimp but then grow some balls as he survives life-threatening scenarios. Again, a production fail. Yuki is still the wimp that he was at the beginning, and so totally not worth Yuno’s attention. The other characters, some are explicated in depth while others are barely mentioned at all, many are treated just like they are there for the slaughter. There is also the matter of flip-flopping, yes, you’ll find more here than even watching the US presidential candidates. Numerous characters make decisions that are out of character, and then almost randomly revert those decisions.

To sum it up i did really like Mirai Nikki because of the story, mystery and horror that was in it, i would have liked another protagonist that was not so whiney and weak but overall, it was a good show and i would recommend that you watch it and if you like it you i would recommend you to take a peak at Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

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