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Mobile Suit Gundam: 0079

Ath the time when they where thinking up the conception and storyline for Mobile Suit Gundam it was simply unmatched at that year and day. It is actully still good as i have rewatched it a few times myself.  It is a very well done storyline where Politics play a role, but not at all much that so you would lose the mode by who wants what and what will bring who. War drama is the what this show has the most of, Amuro and his comrades flee to get away from the was quite a few times, but will soon realize what is  the right thing to do and come back. Unfortunately, they often don’t realize what’s right until someone dies to show them. I actully do not think(correct me if im wrong) that any main character have ever died in an anime before 0079. It started the trend.

After i was done watching this, i can now say i understand why the Universal Century is not liked by the fanboys. The battles are extremely realistic. There is one element that makes this possible wich is the focus that they laid on the inventory with military bases all of a sudden not having infinite resources and also because 0079 revolves around one single battleship and not a fleet of ships wich makes for some very cool battles. It will also appear that the show never slows down and just keep going on strong, every episode will give you a cool battle with have someting to do with the storyline, rather then just filling the need for action with pointless battles. Another great thing about 0079 is that they put alot of attention into the enemy. It is not like they try to develop all the enemy characters, but they give them the enemy a great overvie from all kind of angles and show those that most likly will end up on the battlefield.

This series made Amuro and Char very memorable, since they reappear in later series as allies and rivals once again. They have a decent strong personality and character development. As it usually goes with most bad guys, Char is a far more interesting character than the too-goody protagonist, Amuro. His childhood past and the loss of many loved ones changed him several times. He originally seeks to help humanity live permanently in space, then to destroy it, then to defeat Amuro, then to avenge the Zeon leaders, then to lay low until he can be ready to strike anew, and so on, and so on.

All the characters in general are well made and act quite realistically. But they lack the multi-layered personality of those found in many good recent series and usually think only two-dimensionally. That takes some points off. Still, the secondary cast is far more strong than in most series, where they are just cardboards, not doing anything much.

Well. Despite its age, Mobile Suit Gundam is worth your time if you like war-stories. As it turns out, every war-anime is different and focuses at something different.

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