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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

The first things i ask myself is what aliens are doing in a show that has always been about war between humans and factions, the feeling i got out of the show when i first heard about this is that Gundam has not been turned into any other random Mecha show as the war drama amongst humanity itself was what defined Gundam as a show different from others. I also felt that i have had some problems to review this series because of the different ages which i in someway want to call arcs as there was several years skipping by each age and the show in total only had 49 episodes.

The First Arc that will start the show of introducing you to both the protagonist who is called Flit Asuno as well as the enemy called UE(Unknown enemey), this part is the worst of all the 3 arcs, it has a very childish setting to it and is very slow at it’s pacing and the action is just about average. Another thing is also interesting here since flit it a boy genius and has built a Gundam that is stronger then anything else the human race has made so far and there is no one there to oversee the build like the government or something? that makes sense. The AGE system is also among the list of weird things as it feels like with this they are getting instant power ups with a magical machine which creates them every time they is about to lose, that also makes very much sense.

The UE is supposed to be a mysterious force which much more advanced mobile suits, but the way the show involve them in mystery is by making them strike with less seriousness than bugs. They just show up, shoot, get killed, kill, and move on, there’s no hint of their origin, Stupid coincidences also help to make the show less believable and more childish, with events unfolding without any sort of consistency or previous thinking.

The second Arc is about a boy who seems to be around 18 years of age and is the son of Flit, he is called Asemu Asuno. this part of the show feels very much different then the childish start it got as the Arc have a very serious atmosphere around it with very good action and great fighting scenes with a much faster pace. The really big improvement here occurs because the plot moves without clinging to stylish characters, killing or removing them as necessary and creating more dramatic moments to make the show a lot better. What i don’t like is that they never really “finished” the last Arc, they just fast forwarded to the next AGE.

Here we learn that the humans mentioned in the first arc are from the first mars failed Mars expedition that made them stranded over there but have built a civilization to survive but now wants to get back to take over the earth that they thing they have the owners rights to by trying to kill every living humans on the planet that is not from the mars sphere.

By the Third Arcwe now se a young boy called Kio, he is the son of Asemu who in this arc have vanished and no one knows where he is, this time around The seriousness is removed from the show once again and the characters somehow turn to be happy and carefree. Now the UE(which real name has now been revealed) are trying to invade earth which their more improved Mobile armor that this time around are getting shot down without much problem at all, the pacing is back to being slow and they really just drag everything out really much until the end where it all basically just ends making you want to go back in time and just not watch it.

To sum up what i just talked about above, because of the changes made in every age from childish to mature and then back to childish characters and storylines it made the show really inconsistent because of all the decisions / attacks / unexpected character deaths that are made in the show as a whole, to end this review i am going to say that you need to stay with it for the first arc, if you can get past those episodes you get a much better show with great animation that is really fluid and constant, some of the background shots have absurdly good detail if you take a look at it, the colonies and spaceships also have some very good design and detailed models. As for the music i really like the Openings Ending songs in the show, the This first intro is composed by the same band that made Ano Hana’s intro. The following intros match the atmospheres given by each saga. However, what you have to decide once you finish the show is that if it has any rewatch value for you, i myself have given this show 0 rewatch value for the future.

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