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Nurarihyon no Mago

Nurarihyon no Mago started off decently and made me wanting to watch it, but then something happend as the series went on… and on… and on… until it at one point forgot to actually deliver anyting. The series source material had plenty of time to build up a good story. In the end the dragged this out so much it was not fun anymore.

The main plot revolves around Nura Riku who is son of Nurarihyon, a very powerful youkai. However, all Riku wants is to have a normal human life. One could say that the story is basically him trying to live a normal life trying to hide from his friends that hes half Yokai and half human while looking for an enemy youkai that is after his family. Like i said erlier this at first sounds like a nice slash & Slice series but the pacing is terribly slow you almost fall asleep. Furthermore, the story is quite often comedic becasue the characters are treated as comedy generators with various silly jokes. The poor handling of characters is just as bad, the cast is huge, in the end of the series they are about 50 different ones so character development for every single one one would not be possible ofcourse.

Character-wise the show is very varied. The dark world of demons is usually treated lightly and most of the characters of the whole show serve as comic relief sometimes. The events involving them rarely forces them to evolve and what you see at the start is exactly the same at the end expect for the protagonist. Rikuo takes some of his experiences and grows in a good way through the middle of the show and in the end he matures enough to claim some responsabilities, but this is exactly what is expected for main characters of this kind of the show and its a bit sad not to see anything different to shake things a bit. Overall the characters are as weak as most of this genre and you can expect very typical things here.

However, all is not bad is you can survive the pacing and story issues as Nurarihyon has a good production value wich the animation and art shows much of in it good quality. The art is solid and sharpp, the atmosphere proposed by the show is somehow darker than usual, but the bright colors and flashy designs make it look more like shows as Bleach and Soul Eater. Animation is fluid and deliver some good moments in combats and even in dialogue.

As for the music i found it to be somehow poor. The opening and ending songs did not appeal to me at all and there is nothing in the backround music that would make the show shine. The voice-acting is unfiting for some characters and has a great potential to annoy anyone who hopes for a more serious show without noisy characters except for the lead alter ego wich has an amazing voice actor

So, as you probably have guess now i did not like the show to much as it could have had a faster plot, better action, more secondary character impact in the story. I will soon watch the The second season and i hope that it will answer some of the unanswered questions and develop its characters more, but im not having any high hopes for that.

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