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Onegai Twins

When i found this anime a while back i watched it only because some friends of mine said it was good, boy where they wrong.

Sooo, considering this is about twins, what can we expect from the makers of Onegai Teacher? Of course!! Incest!! Yep, you can expect lots of predictable, contrived, accidental “awkward moments” like accidental kissing etc between siblings that would so rarely happen in real life but is a daily routine for this sort of anime.

The worst aspect of Onegai Teacher is the storyline. The base of the Onegai Twins story is actually not nearly as bad as Teacher but it is still quite bad. You can tell this is basically Fantasy part deux straight out of the same guy’s head, completely uncut this time. They clearly realized that for a fantasy, the last show was distinctly lacking in pr0n, and so went about rectifying that situation with this second installment. Considering this anime’s incest content, the story’s pretty holey, har har (sorry, I couldn’t resist putting that pun in). A lot of things are not explained, or are just give really bad explanations, such as the reason Karen was able to leave home on her own. I mean. that explanation is so bullsh*t. The reasoning behind is like trying to throwing someone out of the pan of boiling water and into the fire in order to save them. Also the reason that guy turned gay was kinda, well, gay, too. Oh yea, and I never did figure out how the hell they knew they were twins. It’s not like they were identical twins, so it could have been just ordinary brother and sister. Why twins?!? And why are they making such a big deal out of same colour eyes?? It’s not like they were an amazing shade or anything, seems like they were just blue eyes, and a heck of a lot of European people have blue eyes. They seem to consider same colored eyes is strong evidence that they’re related. That’s like adding 1 and 1 and coming up with 6/10 chances that they’re related. I also noted that though they clearly took notice on the same coloring of the eyes, they didn’t really take any notice of the fact that their hairs were of completely different colors. The writers must have spent all of 10 minutes thinking up this plot. Okay, that’s enough ranting about the story I think, else I’d be up all night writing this.

The animation is like in Onegai Teacher, just wonderful. The colors, the landscapes, they all look as if it’s a dream – or perhaps a painting which captures your eye. Excellent done, very detailed and even the characters are wonderfully animated, without any visible flaws except some ‘subtle censorship’ (no nipples showing, shadows when there might be a visible breast).
The only minor drawback was the degenerating fantasy-thoughts, where they use southpark-like (not exactly, but at least similarly lame animated), which really made me feel bad after seeing such beautiful colors and things. The major drawback here is that it isn’t even funny at all, which made me wonder why they used it at all.

The opening theme’s quite good this time round, and I thought the quality of the rest of the music was several leagues above that of the anime as well. The voice acting most of the time is just annoying, as the main girls, in particular Karen, just sounds really really whiney.

I may have been a little too rash about the above, but those are things that really changed my attitude towards the “Onegai” atmosphere. I really was anxious to see a continuation of Onegai Teacher’s story (it didn’t necessarily have to be Kei and Mizuho, but the story has little to do with romance, and much to do with family.).

I forgot to mention the amount of bath scenes in this show. Almost every episode has a bath scene, with the two girls. Some scenes are funny, but only in its own “sexual” way. If you loved Onegai Teacher, watch Onegai Twins and decide on your own, but if you didn’t, then Onegai Twins won’t give you anything that you can’t find better in Onegai Teacher.

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