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Written in Greek characters, PlanetES means ‘wanderers’, which describes the characters in this anime very well. All are searching for something, whether it is a pension, a promotion, a good smoke or true love. Thankfully, by the series’ end, most of the characters have discovered that what they thought they truly wanted was just the surface desire of something much more powerful and meaningful. And this is what gives PlanetES its greatest strength. The characters develop in ways that are realistic. They react with circumstances, rising or failing to conquer problems, and those successes and failures permanently change them and teach them about themselves.

The story revolves around the life of the a few characters who live at Space Station ISPV-7. The station is owned by the Technora Cooperation wich these characters work for their, job is to clean up space debris. The first two thirds of the series follows one format, in which we see the unlikely heros of the anime goes about their usual life, with their ideals always seem to carry them through somehow, almost in a fairy tale kind of way, everything usually turns out ok. But in the last part, this suddenly all changes. Did I say this anime is humble? Well, not anymore. Suddenly it steps up a gear. Everything you thought you knew about the anime is thrown out of the window. The harsh realities of life crashes in on the characters, and their ideals are put to the harshest of tests. Here you see that the earlier “filler” episode does actually have more relevance than it first seems. The numerous flashbacks had the effect highlighting the changes in the characters as they struggle with both the external conflicts, and, even more so, the conflicts that are within themselves. Whereas before though life was hard, there always seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. Now everything just seems to get darker and darker, and you’ll find yourself wondering whether events could possibly turn around for the better.

as the show goes on, you will se several points wich is related to future space travel, and with a certain scientific accuracy, One of the problems they are taking up is space debris or suchs problems as space radiation, leading to cancer and leukemia. They even take up such things at what would happen to space born children who suffer from the lack of normal gravity. The show takes a deep look into the and integrates them with the overall storyline. The producers took advantage of some of these problems, and transformed boring scientific knowledge (or nonsense) into beautiful drama (details are of course omitted to avoid possible spoilers). Also, the producers made a good attempt at pointing out several general social issues. For example, the hierarchy in a cooperation; the law enforcement orders in space; the undeveloped countries competing against developed countries; terrorist attacks to stop advancements in space etc? all add extra dimensions to the anime.

PlanetES is well-worth your time. Few series are as realistic, as touching and as intelligently-created as it is. It is sheer pleasure (and, at times, a sweet agony) to watch the characters’ lives unfold. Knowing the events of the latter-half of the series will give added pleasure in watching the first few again, as you marvel at how everything changes so much, yet so naturally. Regardless of who you are, your age, gender or level of exposure to anime, PlanetES is a beautifully-crafted effort which deserves your time and attention. It will not disappoint.

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