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Shakugan no Shana

When the series start of you will meet a boy named Sakai Yuuji who discovers that he died quite a long time ago but is still alive because of a blue flame in his chest that is getting weaker and weaker.

Yuuji is told by a very nonchalant girl who named Shana who could not care less about him as she thinks humans are selfish and do not care about others. Yuuji cant accept this and keeps bothering Shana to get some answers from her. Later he sacrifices himself to save other lives. At this point Shana gets to realize that not all humans are selfish, it is from this point and on the story really starts, start to get bad that is. After finishing Shakugan no Shana im really at a loss for words. Bythis time the series was so redundant and overwhelmingly clichéd that my palm could move into my forhead and marry it.

This show is based on a series of light novels, and experience tells me they have to be better than this. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out exactly how much effort the creators put into squeezing a coherent and sensible story out of the novels – about half an ass worth of effort to be precise. The pacing is a huge problem on a micro level, I mean the way the particular scenes are scripted, there is a lot of filler and repetition. The story lacks direction and develops without any real purpose. Not to mention there’s plot holes big enough you could drive a goddamn tank right through. the enemies are just pitifully weak. Shana just takes her sword and slash-slash-slash-summon flame and you are dead! There are no real meanings in the battles. And Shana is just a kid that does not reason enough. Almost a battle-crazy girl! She looks too young as compared to other characters like Marjorie. With all its wisdom, Alastor does not have a great effect too, apart from the very last scene.

Okay you may think I’m being harsh, but it’s just frustrating and kinda sad really to see a good concept wasted like that. I mean sure, these novels aren’t winning the Nobel prize in literature, but it’s so easy to see where the guys who adapted them could have done a better job. Just frustrating. Okay time for something positive

Animation-wise, I have to say that it was really good. The special effects with the flames as well as the movements of the characters were rather fluid. There were some moments where their actions seemed a little stiff, but other than that, everything else seemed fine. There were hardly any repeating scenes unlike another popular anime), The backgrounds were quite detailed as well. For example, during a battle, we can see all the traits of a metropolitan city in which the main character lives in: tall buildings reaching for the sky, great bridge and throngs of people as well as some greenery around.

The music of Shakugan no Shana was something I really liked. All the OP/ED songs were good, the background music was the “driving force” of the atmosphere in a few scenes. The style is unique and easily to recognize. However, the soundeffects were rather dull. What should I say… I’d have wondered if they hadn’t been there, but that’s about it. This does have a negative effect on the atmosphere, most people just don’t notice it’s the missing sound quality that lowers the re-watch value.

Overall, this is a pretty popular series, but I just don’t like it.

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