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Shinigami no Ballad

Hasegawa K-Ske created someting around the subject of death, that it is anyting but easy, especially when you do so with an animated series that the younger generation will be watching. Seeing as the approach taken in this show, one would suggest it to those who already carry the memories of those passed on. In short, Shinigami no Ballad is not the kind of show you normally expect when you hear the word “shinigami” .

Shinigami no Ballad is one very unique series. I do belive that this is one anime that you will remember the most out of all the ones you watch. Shinigami no Ballad will show us the shinigami and how they do their work, but not in the way we think of wich is often dark, gloomy with a skeleton as the reaper wearing a black cloak. The shinigami we will meet is very cute and had very long white hair , Bluish Azure Eye, wearing plain white dress, cute red sandals, and a cool looking scythe.

The show consists of 6 episodes, but they hardly have anything to do with each other. The only thing which connects them is the fact that they’re listed as episodes of the same series. And that they all have Momo appearing at some time, but other than that they have nothing to do with each other, not even characters intersecting. I want to delve more into this section, but telling more than this would just be plain spoiling, because they’re slice-of-life styled episodes in a kinda-of-mature atmosphere about children dealing with death and there isn’t really anything happening in the limited time the characters get. Giving a pet dinner or the actions they make before going to bed is about as exciting as the episodes get, since the major focus lies in conversations and daily-life actions, any talk about a ‘plot’ is devoid here. But while there are 6 stories, they all face death from a different angle, which makes the seperate episodes all worth watching without them feeling repetitive. The fact that they all have a satisfactory ending is also worth noticing. Also i have to admit that during almost all the episodes they gave the endings enough feeling wich is followed by cute event which made me feel happy and warm inside. In every episode there are some subtle jokes which made me enjoy the series much more than when it was an all-serious series, such nice touches is what gives this show a much better environment to enjoy it in.

This anime will show you some very beautiful and soft animation, the opening is simply perfect for the anime. Although the entire lyrics for the opening No One(currently listening to as i write this) is in English but it is really nice and soothing and sets the mode for the series perfectly. The ending White Messenger is rather meaningful and sweet. The backround music and songs were heart warming master piece that really fitted well with the anime itself.

I really enjoyed this series and I would recommend it for everyone who likes Slice-of-Life-style series. The ‘horror’-aspect it features never gets gross and it is so relaxing and mind-clearing that it is enjoyable to watch.

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