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I had a feeling about this anime that in the end it would only cause me a great deal of mental and physical pain upon watching it, and STILL I went ahead with it. I really can’t think of any reason why anyone would want to subject themselves to Shuffle!

What shuffle! has to offer is the general theme of “i want to take care of…” story filled up with the very wierd actions of the Kitty-Kitty Kaede club who want to have rins head on a stick. All the girls that appear in this show seems to be a potential housewife for rin and also come with their own fanclub apparently, (i have no idea why). Even the only underaged girl in the show also have her own fanclub which is filled with the very same waste of humanity as the other girls clubs, and offcourse the club members get envious of Rin for getting attention from all the girls which in short provide you with the most tiresome plot you have ever seen in this show.

If you want some fanservice you will have to wait until the second half of the show where most of the underwear and panty shots come in. What is wierd is that there is no nudity except for Primula(the underaged girl), and why do we get to se her nude when she is underage? i really do not want to know why they did that.

Since i have done so much talking about the bad side of the show now i think its time to say something good, cause there is actually some good points in this show.

The main character Rin is quite the normal person. Even if he has a magic spell that attracts every girl to him he is not going to start shuttering like a nervous wreck each time hes trying to talk to a girl. Hes not trying to any perverted things like an accidental boobgrab or something like that. The best thing lies in hes voice. Rin actually has a darker voice, which gives him a much better atmosphere than other series. He becomes much more likeable because of that too, in my opinion.

Even if they are showing her nude, Primula is one of the more intressting character in the whole show. During quite the plot twist he story gets told. And imagine my suprise when after that the show actually try to make a good effort to evoke emotions for the viewer insteed of the fake romance that it has lived off erlier. I was now a little affraid of what was going to happen after this subplot was finished. If it would go back to the “i want to take care of…” plot wich would make me very sad, and that is exactly what it will do. One thing i belive is that side events should never be better the the main story in any series.

This is one show i will never ever rewatch, and im not expecting anyone else to do it either because of all the soulless doting around on the main character. However, Shuffle if not an outright BAD series, but all the fanservice and lingerie in here accompanied byt the bad plot makes you want to fall asleep before you finish.

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