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Sonic X

I’ll admit, When i heard about Sonic X in 2003 when it was first revealed i jumped like crazy with excitement. I have always liked sonic since his debut in 1991, and I evenwatched the corny weekday show that was going then.

I was very impressed by the first episode because i could not find any of the mistakes that any previous Sonic series had(Except for SaTAM), like bad animation and bad writing. This one however had an actual, ongoing story now wich looks like it can be someting really great. It’s all filled with humor. Everyone keeps calling Sonic a mouse, and there is a lot of random English, and at one point, Sonic will tell the viewer not to do one of his stunts.

But it all crashed and was destroyed by one little character named Chris Thorndyke. The first episode is what i would say perfect with amazing animation and great character usage and wonderful set pieces. It is a wonderful to kick of a new Sonic series. The humour and characters are all around for a purpose. It feels like a direct translation from the video game series. But then Chris came and destroyed it. After the cliche of the characters being “sent to a new dimension”, and the series grinds to a halt to develop Chris, and only Chris.┬áThis obnoxious kid will be following Sonic around the whole series wich makes you think that he have replaced Tails for the most part. He is such a boring, character that I cant even say anyting bad about him because he is that bland, The only thing he do is to slow down the pace.

This is what makes this series so bad. The emphasis is clearly on Chris all the time so that they could have called it Chris X as there is no focus on sonic. What Sonic do is to save Chris trough out the series with the vain of the weak MegaZord battles of Power Rangers fame. This is a direct contradiction of the game series, where the focus is firmly on speed, and lighthearted adventuring.There is no space for Sonic to adventure.

Sonic X will also serves more as a nuisance than anything to Sonic fans. It will destroy the continuity and storyline of the games and instead creates an alternate version where events happen out of sequence. This will only mae new fans of sonic confused. It is still poor for it’s lack of anything actually happening the characters talk for five minutes at a time with useless sub-characters, and without a spark of humour or charm the series just feels weak and dull.

All in all,The series kicked of with a band in the first episode but then crashed to the bottom as soon as chris came into the picture. Fans would be better sticking with Sonic SatAM. While it is not very accurate as far as story and characters it feels almost perfectly combining fastaction with its dark settings.

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