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Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

The very first episode of Soukyuu No Fafner is the best stand-alone episode I have seen in a series. What happens in the first episode was all that was needed for med to like this series for the full 25. Fafner does not make you wait until the final episodes before bringing out the legendary story and character changing events. They do it right from the start, resulting in a magical nine-hour emotional roller-coaster ride.

Soukyuu No Fafner will not only portray the war against Festum, but will also portray the human army who wants the piloted robots for themselves. Soukyuu No Fafner also consist of quite many character deaths, proving that not only main characters will survive and win all the time. It managed to capture the audiencesâ attention due to the hints of yaoi and het portrayed together. The story is very well thought of but feels to me like it is rather rushed. There are plenty of plot twists, and several cliffhangers. Mysteries is also quite many and you would have to be patient and let them uncover it one by one.

Since i finished this series last week I was quite late in watching Soukyuu No Fafner and did only watch it after i had watched Gundam Seed and since character designs by Hirai Hisashi tend to look very similar I can tell you that in the first episode i thougt “WTH, what’s Kira and Athrun doing in this show?“, but i soon forgot about it and despite that It has high quality, and the mech looks really good. It doesent resemble anything from Gundam Seed other then those two. On the other hand I think that some character thats supposed to look like males look like girls. Maybe it is because of how they draw right under their eyes, but they just look like girls or just the femine look on them.

As for the sound in the opening and ending. The opening song Shangri-La that was made by angela a really great song, just like it’s name. it is a good mood setter. Separation, also made by angela, is, again, a great song. Good mood for ending the show. The compositions of Saito Tsuneyoshi, What I can’t say. It is often executed by the Warshaw Philharmonic Orchestra, which explains the extraordinary backround music at times. but when the BGM is done by a worldwide known orchestra, then there’s got to be some good music inbetween. It shows at least in the show that the music kicks in at all proper places and never feels out of place, like with a wrong type of music for the particular situation.

I found this review especially difficult to write, because I am unable to convey what I loved about this series without divulging huge spoilers. I want you to find out what happens for yourself wich will be more satisfying than simply reading about it from me.

All in all for me this was really good anime and i would recommend that you se it if you have yet to do so.  Soukyuu no Fafner is something that those who enjoy sci-fi and mecha battles, and first and foremost, the drama surrounding war will absolutly like.

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One Response to “Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor”

  1. Kazuki Hikari says:

    The series was a little too fast paced, on episode 1, and it ends at random parts, but–from episode 7 where I am at–it seems to be awesome lol. Shoko’s death was really sad. :(

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