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Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike

Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike will take place a few years after the end of the Great War before the events in Tales of Vesperia the game. The previous Emperor had just died and his position remains vacant with no heir appointed before his death, however the world remains in a state of peace. Utilizing the power of a powerful substance known as aer the people of the planet Terca Lumireis are in an age of discovery and prosperity. The crystallized form of aer which is known as Apatheia, is considered to be a very powerful energy source as it is essential to human life. In order to protect towns from attacks by monsters humans begin to assemble large amounts of Apatheia to create barriers around towns to reflect the monsters attacks. One day in a deep forest near the town of Shizontania, Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo, two knights who have just joined the Nylen Corps, together with two of their senior knights and fellow Corps members, Hisuka and Shastere, are sent on a mission to investigate an abnormal gushing of aer in the area.

Since i did play the game before i watched this movie i am a little disapointed that there where a lot of the characters were not in it. There were two character who probably got five minutes worth of screen time. They couldn’t help it though. The story takes place before the game, and the the main character didn’t meet them until the events of the game. The characters they did show were a lot better. They’re personalities seemed really different. For the most part they were a lot better. Flynn was kind of annoying. Oh yeah, and Repede was awesome is this movie to.

The storyline didn’t deviate into something random, insteed the plot stayed on course from start to finish and i was like “o, so that’s what he ment” from the game. In my opinion, the prequel plot passes here with flying colors.

The scenery/background in First Strike was gorgeous. I truly felt in a fantasy world because a lot of time was invested into the background for this anime. A lot of anime series show the same animation or background over and over, but this movie kept showing new material and I can really appreciate the effort from the animators that they pulled off to try and impress the viewer with the scenery/background.

I really did liked the voice acting. It’s goes way above the English dub I had to sit through while playing the game. It was also because of the better voice acting, that helped make me like a lot of the characters more.

As i erlier mentioned i did play the game so this movie was very appealing to me cause i get to learn more about the character Yuri and Flynn.
My very personal recommendation would be that if you played the game you should really watch this. If you did not play the game i recommend that you still watch it and then play the game if you are able to. However, you can watch this even without playing, need I remind you yeah.

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