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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time tells the wonderful story about The lead character Makoto. She is very engrossing and watchable. She keeps the movie plodding along at a decent pace, and you can see her developing into a more mature and loving person throughout the movie which to this extent is a great feat. The next two characters, Makoto’s best friends Kousuke and Chiaki, are also characters we see a lot because Makoto sees them a lot. They are who she holds most dear, and the bond and relationship between the three is something that sucks you in especially because you can’t help but wonder if there’s some underlying romantic feeling between Makoto and one of the other two. when Makoto accidentally get the abilitie to time travel she uses this new power for herself to change the outcome of relationships for her friends.

If you think that is all there is to the story of this movie i will say it is just scratching the tip of a very big iceberg. I love the quality that goes into bigger budget feature length movie anime, better colors, better proportions, better movement, overall just more personality per square inch of monitor space than even your best series anime. Thi is no exception, it’s top notch. Though not doing anything groundbreaking artistically, the animation is superb and the characters display a wide range of emotion. I belive that once you se the amount of pathos the story contains you will be quite amazed, with its various plots wich will amaze you the most when the time travelling starts.

This subliminal message of the movie can be interpreted in many ways. But its general meaning will be always the same. Time is an ever passing element. It is impossible for things to stay the way they are forever. People grow up, people change, people go through different stages of their life, feelings develop and fade with the time. Something we take for granted can change from a minute to the other and as much we would wish for a moment to last forever or go back in time to change past actions it is impossible.

The message in all its variety is telling the main character, Makoto, and us, the viewers, to not waste our time, to grasp the flow and follow it, to not be left behind.

It is in a way a coming-of-age story but it isn’t limited just at that group. Time waits for no one is something that applies to everybody, no matter how young or old, it shall always remind us of gradual changes.

It isn’t a movie which just caters to a small audience which usually enjoys Japanese animation. It is a movie with the scope to reach everybody and animation is just an instrument to convey and depict its plot. It is a movie you can watch without a second thought to the fact that it’s “merely an anime”. It is a movie which you should give a chance regardless of your age, interests and status.

Please watch it!

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